I have always LOVED the chicken there. Not as greasy and spicy as some others. BUT I have always called in a to go order and pick up 15 minutes later to avoid the wait. The last 2 times I have ordered likee that I was told we are very busy now and having a dinner rush. When I explain that we will pick up in 15 to 20 minutes they say sorry we cannot take phone orders. Has anyone else experenced the same?
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I love their Huntsville locations, but I think Florence needs a little attention. My wife and I ate at Florence last week, (Sunday) the chicken was awful. It tasted like it sat under the heat lamp to long. The last time I ate at Florence was about 6 month ago and the food was no good then either.
I hate the Florence Blvd Popeyes. Each and every time I've gonethey make every single car pull ahead of the window and wait for their order. The last time(which will be the true last time) I went, we sat and waited for 35 minutes after they already had our money.
The last visit I made the workers that they had hired were not that most attentive and were pretty much doing a dis-service to the owners than helping reinforce the business by working hard and performing a good job. Usually Popeyes, in Florence, does best when the owners/managers (The Tanners) are on site and watching over things. When not there the help tend to slack off more. As for calling in a phone order i can't imagine a place not taking orders and wanting to sell more, could be thought they got burned too many times from false orders but I don't know for sure. I'll mention it to Steve the next time I'm in dining.

My only problem with Popeyes, here in Florence, is they nickle and dime you to death for substitutions .. i.e. leg for a thigh ... but again if enough people want to do this then they get stuck with lots of thighs so I guess there is a reason for everything (giving the benefit of the doubt that is).

As for taste and quality though I can't complain as mine has always been hot and fresh (with the sole exception of this last time when the help, i mentioned, were slacking off far too much).

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