Police Say Video Shows Keith Lamont Scott Had Gun in Hand


  • One of the despicable things the left does, is to exploit their children to further false narratives.
    This kid's mother was coaching her and undoubtedly wrote that worthless, baseless scree.
    Now, here's what they don't want you to know.
    When the plain clothes officer first arrived to serve a warrant to an unrelated suspect, he saw Mr. Scott rolling a blunt.
    He was going to let it go and then noticed that Mr. Scott had a gun, so he left in order to get backup and put on a vest identifying him as law enforcement.
    Upon returning, Mr. Scott refused to comply with police orders and when he presented what they determined to be a potential threat, he was shot by a black police officer.
    Next we're told by his wife that he was unarmed, only had a book and was waiting on his kid to get off the bus.
    We then find out that his wife filed a restraining order against Mr. Scott last October, in which she claimed that he had a 9mm handgun and that he presented a threat.
    Moreover he spent 15 months in jail, in Texas for assault.
    Testing on the gun showed his DNA, blood and it was reported stolen.
    The man who sold him the gun has since corroborated this.

    So, instead of the black community complaining about being targeted by law enforcement, perhaps they should take responsibility for their own community and put a stop to their own committing a disproportionate amount of crime.
    Of curse we can't have that because the Democrat party requires that the black community be in a state of dysfunction, so that they can create this victim mentality and fool them into thinking that somehow they are the ones who best champion blacks.
    How else besides that and entitlements can they rely on their votes?

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