Political Foes

I'm not a Mitch McConnell fan at the present time, but there's
too much blame on McConnell for healthcare and not enough 
going to the main moron McCain who is the primary reason for
the last failed attempt and him alone, for nonsense personal 
reasons with no regard for American interest. 
It's always Trump and others that are wrongly blame for this
when McCain is the real ****..!

Doesn't look like that there is any love lost between John McCain and Donald Trump and doubtful that the two will ever reconcile politically. - GBRK

It was publically personal before it was political.  Whatever anyone may think politically of McCain, Trumps personal remarks regarding McCain's service were uncalled for. 

approach things as a CEO

Agreed.  It's why blue collar workers voted for Trump and not another liberal politician.


Trumps personal remarks regarding McCain's service were
uncalled for, no doubt about that, but bringing it to such a
selfish point while the entire country is crying for help isn't
the best time for it when so much is at stake. Looks like the
poor control of his anger hasn't changed much for his entire


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