Both Sports and Politics bring out very personal and emotional feelings of those who participate in either.  Fans are highly involved in connection with their chosen sports teams and are highly passionate.  Likewise, people are highly passionate, sometimes even deranged, over their support of certain political parties and politicians.

Hillary Clinton's supporters and Hillary herself cannot seem to get over losing the election to be President in 2016.  Even today you will find those who believe that Hillary actually won the election because they want to recreate the rules and forget that there is an Electoral College and why it is there.  They want to believe Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election and Al Gore actually won the 2000 election as well.  In the same way, people in and around Orlando, Florida, or many of them, are fully convinced that UCF Knights won the 2017 College Football National Championship and have declared themselves as National Champions, held the parades and continue to this day believing that UCF has rights to call themselves National Champions.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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We would all be better off if we didn't treat politics like a sport...

For example, athletes want to play for Saban because of his college success and the chance to play in the NFL.  Diversity makes the Tide stronger, Bear Bryant knew this too.  However in the political world, some people believe diversity is a bad thing.  And people would argue that Saban would only recruit the best people he could find. True. That doesn't stop athletes from playing for other teams who give them a spot on their rosters and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

I haven't heard anyone call the SEC the toughest conference in football for several years now.  Because Bama has 3rd stringers that could start for any team in the SEC and nation. That doesn't mean other teams should just give up because all Bama does is win. 

A die hard Bama fan is no different from a die hard OSU fan, USC, FSU, Auburn, etc... No one is going to say "we can't compete with (insert team here) so we might as well go home.  College football players don't want to play for a team because of it's success in 19xx. The pre-Saban era at UA proved it. The same could be said about a team like Nebraska.  I respect teams like UCF, or any other undefeated non-power 5 conference team that feels like they deserve a shot.  They don't want to be written off.  They want to have the opportunity to compete. People will cross entire countries to play for a team if the opportunity is there. 

The difference is, people living vicariously through sports is harmless.  In politics, real lives are affected.  

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