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Hi Everyone,

There seems to be a good bit of interest on the boards about who is local, who isn't, and also discussions about why some former Shoals residents have moved away. I thought it might be interesting to see the lay of the land in an anonymous format.

I tried to include all the options I could think of while keeping them mutually exclusive. (Note that I left off possibilities of "Moved and I'm gone for good" versus "Moved and hope to get back" in order to simplify it as much as possible. But that's what the comments section is for!)
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Originally posted by unclegus:
I was born in another state, moved here when I was twelve years old, and have been here every since. How do I answer with that?

Personally, I would answer the "isn't my hometown but I live here now" option, because you haven't always lived here.

This was a difficult poll to construct and cover all the bases. I wouldn't consider the Shoals your hometown if you were 12, though I can certainly see how you would. And I can't blame you! Smiler For someone who moved here at the age of 1 or 2, though, I think "Always lived here" is close enough.

I tried my best to get as many options as I could without overlap! Big Grin
e , That's an interesting poll. I like that to learn about where people are from. To give you more details than you asked for here's what I'll tell you about me.

I've lived in Florence all of my life. (501/2 years) and fixing to move to Killen.

Kindengarden- Mrs. Frawley

Gilbert Elementary School

Forest Hills Junior High School

Bradshaw High School

Hibbett Sporting Goods / Team Sales

Retired on Disability.

Paper carrier for the North Florence Area from 1970 til 1976.
Graduated from Brooks in day, I was in basic traing at FT Bliss, TX. By the fall I was in school at Auburn. Graduated in 1994, and Uncle Sam has me running around ever since.

I visit 1 or 2 times a year to see my mom (and get Bunyan's BBQ and Newburn's catfish) and best friend.

However, when retired, plan to relocate for good near Savannah, GA where my wife's family lives. Also, tons of seafood to eat down there, too.....And more job opportunities there than in the Shoals. Heck, my mom will be retired in 2 yeas, and is STRONGLY thinking of selling out and moving to Savannah, GA as well.
Originally posted by eclampusvitus:
Born in Sheffield, graduated SHS in '74. I have lived in Texas, Florida, and now, Pasadena California for 21 years.

Wouldn't have had it any other way.


I have a nephew that just moved to Pasadena last month. He's looking for a job last I heard. I'm not sure what kind of job interest he has in mind.

He's not from North Alabama. He's from Alexandria , Va.

If you might be able to help him out send me an e-mail at

Thanks , Dogsmaster
Florence is my hometown. I was born and raised there, graduated from Coffee in 1991, Graduated from UNA, and moved to Nashville, TN in 2002. My parents are from The Shoals, and my parents' families are from The Shoals, since the late 1800's. I had to move because there are absolutely no jobs in The Shoals area for young professionals, unless you are in management for a retail store or a restaurant. Now, I wouldn't move back unless I had to due to family situations. There is nothing to do (not even for college aged students), and nowhere to work. I would really impress upon the leaders of The Shoals area to start trying to attract companies that can hire recent college graduates other than large hotels, golf courses, and retail outlets.

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