Poor starving immigrants.

It is nice to see they use deodorant. Want to stay nice and fresh as they "starve". The shoes look "gently worn" too. And, a smoke is relaxing after a hard day of "walking". It reminds me of the poor "refugee" Muslims. Mostly well dressed, young males and the women with jewelry hanging off of them, and well dressed, well fed kids.

Democrats are the reason we can't have nice things.

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If California is destination, then LA, San Diego, San Fran stand to add to the number of Homeless People added to their ranks. The government hand outs can't cover the cost of Rent in California.... the Public Parks are going to fill up faster with the hopeful but hopeless homeless campers. Not what Municipal Parks were supposed to be established for, by Tax payers, of those cities... Go figure illegal Immigration reform measures via democrat madness. Imagine having a New Special Federal Tax withheld from your paycheck to help "Homelessness Cost Overruns". 

A wildfire which destroyed six Los Angeles mansions valued at $20 million was started in a homeless camp, authorities said on Wednesday. The homeless community fear a backlash after the Los Angeles fire department revealed the fire began as a cooking fire under a freeway 20 miles from the city center.2017

Democrats - Careful what you wish for....You may get more than you Wished!!

California Wildfire Forces Entire Town of Paradise to Evacuate


Going on NOW!! Started as a Camp Fire.... When your hungry & homeless, your going to build a Camp Fire to heat up food to Feed yourself at everyone else expense. We don't respond to Fairness for those individuals in need and causing harm to others. May have to look to the root of the problem. Possibly too many illegals adding to the already highest homeless populated state in America.

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