woz75 posted:

BESTWORKING: I suggest doing what your parents did, get a job instead of commenting on posts you don't care about...really now, who does that? Only someone with absolutely nothing to do in life

Then why does it keep you up all night, stalking Best and
complaining about your nothing of a life, to people who
don't care if you don't exist.    
woz75 posted:

You make ZERO sense Jack Flash, or is that Jack ***? This is my post, you don't see me trolling posts I have no interest in now do you? No, I have better things to do. 

All you do is troll and whine, if you have better things to do,
go do them. I'll do whatever the hell I want, problem with that,
panties in a wozzz...??? Idiot wannabe bad ass with your thumb
up your nose.
direstraits posted:

Turns out it was a low level bishop who invited Bernie, not the pope.  The Holy See government was not amused.  Wozzie needs to quit toking the catnip his mama leaves out for her pets.

I need to start checking my junk mail more carefully, I may have been invited. 

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