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Sunday's Times Daily paper had an article about the possible expansion of Highway 72 (Florence Blvd) to 6 lanes.  The section being considered is the, now four-lane section, from Old Huntsville Road to Sky Park Road near the Shoals Creek Bridge.  When the new Shoals Creek Bridge was constructed it was constructed for 6 lanes of traffic and Highway 72 is also 6 lanes of traffic from Cox Creek Parkway up to Old Huntsville road intersection where it narrows down to 4 lanes from there to Sky Park Road which is right at Rick's BBQ restaurant just before the Shoals Creek (Killen) Bridge.

While the Shoals area is extremely lucky in that we don't really see traffic jams or traffic like say the whole area of Atlanta, Georgia, there are times when traffic bogs down along Highway 72 and usually, when it does it's in that corridor where the Highway is 4 lanes between Sky Park Road and Old Huntsville Road so no doubt such a project will be highly desired at least once complete as most folks don't like the process to get there because of the delays associated with road construction.  In addition, the new (Proposed) Ag center will also benefit greatly from an expansion of the highway in that area as well. 

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


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I believe that the AG Center was thrown in as just another justification for the widening of the road.  You can also tell that the AG Center is also highly desired by many by the glorious benefits that so many are trumpeting that it will bring.  I don't know about the money-making aspects of it, those are highly speculative, but the one aspect that I find intriguing and interesting is a vocational school where Allen Thornton would be replaced and greatly improved, at least that's what I've heard.  

Usually when someone in Government wants something they usually promote it by emphasizing education improvements or the education side of it but our people seem to be promoting it as an income-producing and business-enhancing project.  

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