Prison rather than Congress

Chelsea Manning should be in Prison rather than potentially be in a position to actually serve in Congress. It's going to ultimately be in the hands of the voters of Maryland, a blue, Democratic leaning state, as to if Chelsea Manning stands a chance to be elected to the US Senate but truth be known, for his offenses, he should be in prison.  Thanks to the Obama Administration, though, he is pardoned and now may one day be elected Senator.

Chelsea Manning runs for Congress

Here you have a person that willingly gave out secrets and attempted to undermine our Nation yet President Obama, rather than allowing his conviction to stand, intervenes and actually pardons this piece of trash which has benefited greatly in almost every way from his misdeeds up to and including having his sex change at citizens expense.

Now this piece of trash is going to run for office, surely as a Democrat, and quite likely, depending on where he runs, might well be elected.  Chelsea Manning is representing of so much that is wrong with the Country and so many are trying to reward such behavior rather than what should happen which is that Chelsea Manning deserves to be in a military prison or at least some civilian prison for his activities and deeds that he was convicted for.

Now this piece of Work could actually become a Maryland Senator and be called "The Honorable" Chelsea Manning.  It is just reason that so many say that the lunatics are running the asylum.  Now we will see just how bad the State of Maryland has become when we see just how much of the vote this person gets. I don't know what kind of primary opposition he/she will have but if, somehow, he/she makes it out of the primary with a win there are a great many that will vote for him/her regardless of his/her history and then this person that most likely "wouldn't hit a lick at a snake", so to say, will be pulling down a healthy salary for the next 6 years,  and for life most likely, when he is only obviously qualified for leaking and revealing military secrets.

I hope we (speaking collectively) are better than that and that rational and reasonable heads will prevail, but any more I'm so pessimistic that the trend is to believe that this piece of work will actually not only stand a chance but actually be favored.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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