Publix Puts Cover over National Enquirer Front Page Featuring D.Trump:

  How many times have we all had to stand in line waiting to get checked out at the grocery store, only to have our eyes pass by all the gossip people Magazines & Tabloids. I guess I caught myself actually reading all the headlines from these publications, a time or two during the boring wait. I always remembered my grandmother who came to visit my dad during springtime down south, as she always would buy a National Enquirer (NE) paper to read during her flight from up north.  Those headlines back then went something like; Couple abducted by Aliens & can’t explain time loss, Govn’t captures living Alien from crashed space craft but denies it ever happened. This one gained a lot of Traction back in the day, it was a biggie “Elvis is alive and living in Detroit” or some Hollywood couple is getting divorce for some kind of reason, like cheating, weight gain, secret life of spouse/partner, etc. !! 

  Since Trump won the election, Publix recently decided the National Enquirer’s cover page is too Offensive to its customers, due to numerous customer complaints and decides to put a white cover over the offensive material, decided by its customers complaint calls. 

By December 13 Trump had appeared on the cover four weeks in a row following the election giving Trump-haters a month of heartburn at the checkout aisles in Publix as they stared at covers. 

  I don’t know about your sensitivity to many of the Tabloids & gossip magazines (love’em or hate’em), but I for one have never been shocked by the content from these publications. Some are rather interesting and the publication had used an advertising slogan regarding content as, “Enquiring Minds Want to Know”. If it bothered me I simply would not buy it.. otherwise I might be tempted to make a purchase. That’s how they make their money. 

  Many Publix Trump supporter customers are now complaining in a backlash to Publix they have no right to cover up the front page of NE because Trump is on the front page  4 weeks in a row and claiming Publix is being politically influenced by the left. Many charge disgruntled democrats are behind the initial Publix complaints who find Donald Trump and his family Offensive to them… I say to them, Get a Life and Get a Job.. 

 Of course, Publix is doubling down on its corporate wide decision to cover up the publications front page as “Offensive Material”, something that has been in the works for a while, but only recently began the Cover Up after the Election. 

 I have not been to my local Publix to see for myself, if any of you have seen the covered up National.Enquirer, featuring President-Elect Donald Trump. Let us know if this is True!!

 Here is what was being covered up in Lee county Florida Publix Dec.29 as "Offensive Material".

BTWIf Publix finds National Enquirer as “Offensive to its Customers”, just remove the item from the shelves, don’t cover the publication and still expect to make a profit from the sale of the item. Don’t Sell It !!

People who like this kind of publication will buy it somewhere else, like Wal-Mart or another grocery store check out aisle.


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