Can we really afford to annex a nation of 15 million socialists to add to our entitlement rolls?
This move in Az. has guaranteed the Dem's the Hispanic vote.. anybody think this happened by accident? I don't.. When Obama manages to give them "amnesty" they are going to be beholden to the liberal scumbags forever.. not to mention that millions more of them will come running across the border the minute that he does.. they will see him as a great hero.. who do you think they will vote for?

They are taking down our nation..
Many don't like Beck because he is politicized and mischaracterized and, like Sarah Palin, people are expected to believe what they are told without listening and making up their own mind. Do as I say and remain uninformed and dumb so to say.

The Democrats are desperate to keep and maintain control, at any cost, even if it means destruction of our Country. The reason for the move to get Puerto Rico as a state is add 2 more (progressive/liberal/democratic) senators helping fend off a potential loss of the Senate and another few electoral votes. That's the whole reason for this move it's not for the people of Puerto Rico I can assure you that. Also if the illegal aliens were voting for Republicans instead of Democrats you can bet there would be immediate laws coming out of Washington to enforce immigration laws, new ones, and immediate shipping of illegals back to Mexico as fast as possible.

About the only thing the Democrats have had in their favor was BLIND allegiance of Party Loyal voters that would vote the party line and worse accept it, regardless. Now that many independents and even party faithful are thinking about things it's time to pull out the RACE card and call for help. If George Bush or, for that matter, any Republican had singled out races or left out certain groups there would be calls for impeachment and the Media would have huge words such as RACIST above their photo on every front page and leading off every newscast. Democrats and minorities cannot be racist therefore what he said couldn't possibly be taken or reported as such.

Does anyone really need any more proof that we are in dire straits as a Country? Ohh my gosh I must be a racist because I dare to submit such on a public bulletin board or forum.

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