First, thank you for all your comments on the new site. I really appreciate them all.

To answer a few of your questions:

Obits are in the News section.

Crosswords are in Life, in Diversions.

You can now upload your own avatars for the forums.

For the site to fit on your screen your resolution must be set to 1024 pixels.

As with any pictures uploaded to the web, the smaller the size the better. So when uploading photos to the photo forums try to keep the file size to a minimum, otherwise expect delays in the photos displaying.

These are a clean slate, old forums cannot be brought over.

We're still working on a few bugs that did not show up until we launched, despite testing, I appreciate your patience in getting these worked out.

We're still working on WAP.

The frontpage view (of the print frontpage) is on the bottom of the home page.

Thanks again for all the comments.

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Another bug i am seeing, I am pulling the RSS feed, and i am getting a error on your XML at line 52 " XML error: mismatched tag at line 52

" End tag 'description' does not match the start tag 'Li'.
Line: 52 Character: 164

<description><b>REPORTS</b> Florence police <Li> Burglary: A television, radio system and computer were taken from a residence in the 1100 block of Carver Homes.</description>

I hope this helps, But it is very nice to have the RSS feed, This way i can use PHP to pull the news from my person site and just view it there.

I love the new design, i could only think of how much .net work you all had to compile while doing this.

Thank you.
I'm using the Firefox browser and the link to bring up the avatars is not visible on my screen. However, I ran my mouse around until I noticed that it hit a link.

What is the fastest way to access your personal account? The only way I can figure out to access mine is to find a post that I've made and click on my name there. Surely there is an easier way!

the Change Name button is now fixed.

Karma is just a fun little feature where you reach different levels depending on how often you post. You get one karma point for each post. You can see all the levels in your Personal Zone.

The Personal Zone is the fastest way to access your personal account.

The archive search is on nearly all sections (labelled Search) underneath the navigation bar. It is also on the homepage, below the navigation bar, on the righthand side.

RSS is being looked into, thanks for the notice.
I still can't get into the Obituary archives beyond the first page. It doesn't matter how many items the search pulls up, if you click onto the Next link you get this error message.

Exception EConvertError in module pbc.s dll at 00032113 '26$r('is not a valid interger value.

Please help us get back into the archives; it used to be so easy. Confused
ALL archives are accessible using the site search, located on the top righthand side of the home page, and on the top below the navigation bar of nearly every section. This search is an archive article search for the whole site. On the search bar in the section fronts you can search according to section, such as, Obituaries, if necessary. Your best bet is to search by a name of a person or place in the article, or a keyword.

Note that this search is NOT for finding sections on the site---for that use the Site Map , located in the navigation bar at the bottom of every page.I hope this is helpful.

This is a problem that we encountered switching to the new search. Our tech support team in Tampa is looking into and I hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. If there is something that you need urgently you can always email me.
I really think the TD and NYT are doing a great Job, and it's really wonderful that we as people have a chance to express ourselves. I was hoping for a parttime Job so I could surprise my granddaughters and Son, but I failed to let anyone know, that why I'm losing my place with you all I just can't afford it anymore. I like doing crosswords and just reading periods. I like sitting with peoples and reading to them I can't lift and do a lot of things that are needed, but to be a companion for a few hours I'm good to go. Happy Holiday to everyone and have a Joyful New Year.

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