As a courtesy to some who asked a few weeks ago, I am posting to remind you that the local R/C Club (QCRCC) will be having a public (free) display at the Regency Square Mall this Saturday, February 2, from 11 am till 4 pm, center court. There should be some really nice models on display so come by and take a look, I would like to meet you and share in this great hobby.

Hillary in 2016?  Why not?  We've already had one "girly man" serving in office for the past 7 years, we might as well give her chance as well!


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I once saw an interview with the Editor of R/C Modeler Magazine. He said that, 30 years ago, he was of the median age of R/C modelers. And he still is.

The show looks like fun! Wish I could make it.

BTW, if you're interested in R/C, entry level planes are ridiculously cheap now.

Thanks for the comments. Yes, that jet is mine. Actually that is a jet built from foam with small electric fan units in it. Not that large, compared to some of the others I have, which will be on display.
Unfortunately we will not be flying the planes at the mall, not enough space and too much liability, however we will have some small indoor helicopters which we will be demonstrating.
Hopefully as soon as the weather gets better you can come out to our local club site, any Sunday that is warm and the wind is not blowing too hard, and see us fly. Last Sunday was really nice and we had almost 15 pilots out there and lots of guests.
I have been involved in this hobby for over 20 years, and I love it. I have flown all types of planes and have seen the technology progress to a point where it is more affordable than ever and easier for someone to get in the air.
Hope to see you at the mall.


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I hope the one you flew on earthmomma was not made of balsa wood and styrofoam.... Wink
This one weighs only about 20 pounds and is really light for the size aircraft. Itis powered with tow microturbines burning Jet A fuel. It has retractable landing gear and flaps, as well as a small computer on board to make me "look better" in the air (it smooths out my manuevers and keeps things straight)...we call that cheating but the older I get I feel like I deserve ever little help I can get...haha
Wow, those are some cool planes. I heard the Mall wanted the rc car part of the club to have a race out there but when the Club wanted to comfirm it the person over it at the Mall would not return the calls. I would have like to see that.
I do beleive that there was some problems getting the car race in there this year, but we are going to start earlier and try harder next year. I think it would be great to have both groups in there at the same time. Common interests and such, plus its a big attraction for the kids as well.
OK, Evil Fantasy time.

I've always thought it would just be too cool if they made WWI fighter replicas... Fokkers and Sopwiths.... fitted them with 2 shots each of .22 ratshot, and let them fight it out in the air!

It'll never happen, but, still..... lol.

Originally posted by GoFish:
I do plan to stop by. Thanks for the alert.

GoFish, my husband & I plan on stopping by too. If I tell you what time & what I look like, would you say hello? I would love to meet you.
Not a 787, but an Airbus 321. Carries a little over 1/2 gallon and will fly for about 9 minutes.

They make WWI planes, they are more difficult to fly than the more "modern" aircraft, but the governing body which provides insurance for liabilities (AMA) prevents you from putting anything like a real gun or missile on a plane like this. They do however make some laser systems where you can dogfight, but as a cheaper variant we sometimes tie a crepe paper streamer to them and chase one another trying to cut the other's tail. Harder than it sounds.....
Look forward to meeting some of you.

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