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There is a new restaurant in New Orleans which ask White patrons to pay more.  Your appetizer and dessert at this place, if you are white, seems to be a dose of White Privilege and Income redistribution as only whites are encouraged to pay an $18.00 upcharge over the posted menu price of $12.00 for lunch. Black patrons are told the upcharge does not apply to them and in fact, they can actually choose to either pay the bill or pay and take the $18.00 that some white patron has overpaid.  

Besides being disgusting and offensive it is a slap in the face to all those white families, white Americans who fought and died or were wounded to secure rights for minorities.  Black. slaves were not freed because they rebelled or had an uprising but they were freed due to the acts of white Americans who knew that Slavery was wrong and that the founders did not intend for slavery to be a practice of this nation.  Actions like this new restaurant owner though do more to reverse gains than contribute to them.   This is racism as much as anything else. 

If I go to a restaurant it is to eat and not to be shamed for being white or to be made feel I have done something wrong.  Usually, I hope that new restaurants succeed and people who take the risk of opening a new business be rewarded for it.  In this case, I hope the place fails miserably, as it should.  Then again I suppose this will be considered a racist comment but I say it believing that not decrying these acts are reinforcing racism.  This also brings to mind the topic of another post where South Africa's leaders have decided to confiscate property from whites and not reimburse them for it.  The only thing that has changed in South Africa is the color of the people being oppressed.  Racism and the different treatment of people account of race still lives and thrives but only those who are oppressed have changed. The same, I regret to say, would happen here as well if more like this restaurant owner were put in control or could make governmental decisions.  


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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1130 posted:

30 day "social" experiment, haha... Guess you are heading there Wabbit so you can be a fool to.

Nope, I guess you're the only fool, here. I never mentioned if I supported the experiment or not, but you Rightwingers sure did jump to conclusions. It's just like every other restaurant. You can go. You can not go.

The party who coined the term 'snowflake' sure does behave a lot like snowflakes.

River Runner posted:

That's One Very Strange Restaurant!!!!  Its No "Commanders Palace"...Now there's a Great Restaurant we enjoy going to when in New Orleans.

Don't forget Ralph & Kacoo's.  With restaurants like the Commander's Palace and Ralph & Kacoo's along with many others why waste time in a restaurant where you are going to be race shamed.  If I go to a restaurant I don't go to be politically correct, listen to politics or hear about how I should be ashamed of my long past relative's actions.   

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