Remember a few years ago?

South Africa today

How many remember just a few years back, during the years of Apartheid in South Africa?  Remember the uproar in America and calls from across the Globe for action against South Africa because of it?  I'm not defending Apartheid in any way but rather I'm wondering where are the calls for condemnation of what's going on in South Africa today where the act of discrimination and racism has not changed but only the objects of discrimination and racism have changed.   

This is exactly the dangers we face in America because so many times it isn't the act itself that is condemned or highlighted but rather a certain group of people and depending on the source the outrage is a measured one.  It isn't racism that is condemned but rather a certain group of people and then, more often than not, blame is extended to the whole population rather than understanding that most often it is a very small minority that is actually involved rather than the whole or the majority.  


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Wabbit,,, why should be care what the rest of the world thinks?  We have gone trillions in debt while giving billions every year to almost every country out there. What have they done for us?  

The world has taken advantage of weak US leaders who have given
away the financial security of our Country for too many years.
If you were looking at those other Countries in past years you'll
see they give nothing back except criticism.

Trump is the ONLY US President that I can remember ever looking for some kind of payback or even equity from other Nations that not only are able to pay for themselves but have taken from the US through the years and yet so many of our own citizens are condemning him for it.  At least he's not handing out planeloads of money on pallets to nations screaming for our death or bowing at the feet of leaders of Nations that the US has bailed out through the years, and apologizing for America.  That you will never see President Trump doing!  

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