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Does anyone think we will ever see Vic or BIll Gray or Semi again?  I know they were banned but I wonder if that was a lifetime ban or if somehow they will find their way back.  After they left the religion forum really had it's traffic drop along with the fact that whatever traffic was left seemed to be somewhat more hospitable.  

I was actually trying to think of all the controversial figures that we had come and go through here and I wonder if they are around or ever darken the door of the forum to see what's going on without them.  I notice that Bill's still listed as a member and a high traffic member, at that, but I also remember the discussion mentioning that he was banned from the forum even though he went through a long  argument or process to get back and was denied.  I think that some of the insults toward the moderators didn't do him any good but then I shouldn't say that because I don't know that it was the case.  

Anyway if any of you (and you all know who you are/were) are still around we miss your (all of your flavorful) discussions and at times arguments.  Then again maybe I should leave sleeping dogs lie and be glad that things are more peaceful and hospitable these days even though not always respectful toward everyone.  

They do say variety is the spice of life don't they and over the years we certainly had that ... lots of variety.  Poor old Religion forum mods don't have that much to do anymore.  Also for those that read this far know that I did edit it and think about deleting it for fear of stirring up something but then I do miss some of the folks that were regulars on here even those I disagreed with.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Semi wasn't banned, she left. Bill was finally banned, he should have been long before it happened, and I should have reported him plenty of times and maybe he would have been banned before he got others banned. Unfortunately Vic was caught in that same web of banning with bill, but as for Vic, "cream rises to the top". 

Spice of life is great, but using a forum to attack people and lie about them is another. There were many of the so called Christians that did that, and one of the so called "Christian" women posters was on the verge of getting a lot of trouble handed to her for her libelous posts. She wisely left.  Bill used the forum as his own private church and he, along with another couple of folks I could name, attacked Skippy mercilessly because he was a Mormon, and worked to get him banned simply because of that.

They would gang up on others too, if they didn't like being opposed. Some were here simply because bill brought them in to support him, and some were here simply to argue with bill, and refute his ridiculous posts. When I first started posting the Religion forum was described as a place to "discuss religion, beliefs, and other practices" (paraphrasing). 

Bill always denied that it was open to all, but it was what it was, a place to discuss all beliefs, non-beliefs. I don't miss bill at all, he got what he had coming to him, and again, it took longer than it should have taken. I had long ago blocked him because you could only read/hear his tired old stories so many times. I still don't understand how he thought it was such a major coup that he married a filipino woman, and the way he kept talking about it was even stranger, like no one else had ever done it, or could do it. But hey, hopefully all that is water under the bridge so to speak. I remember some posters, but I had blocked so many that I have forgotten most of them. Bill, betternnun (contendah), the witch that left, and a few more were as far from a Christian as you could get.

Bill Gray still writes. Pen-N-Sword publishes many of his columns, but not so much the religious ones since he's heavy on the OSAS and premillennialism. He has one on remembering Sheffield coming up.

I've wondered what happened to our liberal friend beternu? And rramlin and his 98 personalities?

FVPOA posted:

Bill Gray still writes. Pen-N-Sword publishes many of his columns, but not so much the religious ones since he's heavy on the OSAS and premillennialism. He has one on remembering Sheffield coming up.

I've wondered what happened to our liberal friend beternu? And rramlin and his 98 personalities?

The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine, and they will grind Trump and his sleazy minions right out of the White House.  You will not hear from me again until that process is concluded. - contendahh [/beternu]


Forget about Pence, he would be the logical choice.  Trump has the left/liberals so in a tizzy and up rage to the point of insanity the only way it could get better is if we were to run and elect Sarah Palin.  Might as well send them on to their resting place along their journey there and Sarah may well would do that.  I can't think of anyone that they hate worse than Trump unless it's Sarah Palin.

Apparently 100K readers a month like PNS. I'm also sure you'll be pleased that this morning PNS purchased Around the Shoals. The two publications will likely be consolidated, but that's not set in stone at this time. As for Bill, many readers love his work! Few people know mid-20th Century Sheffield history like Bill.

100K a month eh? LOL, well golly gee. And they are about to purchase "around the shoals"? Never heard of it but yay for them. Those "readers" would be about the mental level that would "enjoy" bill's ramblings. What work of bill's do they love? His stories told over and over how he set out to find himself some brown women (his words)? How a movie sent him on a quest to marry a filipino? Or any one of his other tired old stories? Bill left Sheffield as soon as he was able and never looked back, and if you can't find anyone that knows it's history as well or better, you aren't looking. I know plenty, including my in-laws and older relatives and their friends. At the end of the day, bill is banned.

Bill insulted the editor-in-chief's professionalism and credentials in the guise of an apology.  He got the perma-ban.  If you just have to find out what he is up to he has a FB page under Bill and Dorian Gray Ministries or some such.  He used to have a blog site with 2 followers.  I'm sure, that in his mind, that represented 2k, or 2mil, followers.  He may still have that.


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