The Republicans should practice what they preach

1. Republicans were for cutting and running before they were against it.

Here are the those very words in a discussion about the Republican opposition to fighting Milosevic

The U.S. intervention in Bosnia, which many Republicans foolishly opposed, has worked out much better than they predicted. That progress, however, will be undermined if the United States cuts and runs in this latest instance of Milosevic's thuggery. Republicans can be proud that they led the drive to revitalize the NATO alliance by expanding it to three new states. But what will it mean to have expanded NATO last year, only to eviscerate it now?

2.Here is a good PDF with a list of which Republican said what. Here is something put up to promote Cheney in 2000.

Here is an abstract of an NYT piece in 2000

Dick Cheney, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, called today for a re-examination of the nation's role in peacekeeping missions around the world and said it was time to consider recalling American ground troops from Kosovo and Bosnia. ''I think it is important that we make sometimes difficult choices about when...

3.Bush was for a timetable before he was against it.

Bush says,"I think it's also important for the president to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn."

4. Republicans promised us hearts and flowers in Iraq. Our work actually got hearts and flowers. And we didn't have 2500 dead and 20,000 wounded.

The allied occupation of Kosovo, where Clark was greeted as a hero with not only flowers, but also billboards and a road being renamed for him, was planned and executed by Clark and Shinseki. It provides an interesting contrast to Iraq, where Shinseki was shut out of the planning, and in fact disparaged for his realistic assessment of what it would take to win in Iraq.

5.Meet The Press episode where Tim Russert mentioned Cheney's prediction that we would be greeted as liberators. Notice that Cheney, with assistance from Tim Russert, talked about 9/11 in response.

6.The called Bosnia/Kosovo "Clinton's War." Why do Republicans only want to "stay the course" when it is Bush's War?
7. Bosnia and Kosovo in 2000 were way better than Iraq now. So who is it that really plays politics with wars? Not Democrats

Here's Michael Kinsley

if you're looking for revisionist history, don't waste your time on the war's critics. Google Cheney's bitter critique of President Clinton's military initiatives in the 2000 campaign, and specifically the need for more burden-sharing by allies and a sharply defined "exit strategy." At the time, about 11,000 American troops were in Bosnia and Kosovo working alongside about 55,000 soldiers from allied countries. If only!

8."Stay the Course" is only a slogan not a strategy. Wes Clark quote

9.Where is the necessary diplomacy? We need more than tough talk.
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Originally posted by interventor:
And we see Chechenya islamist flocking to the area and christians being killed, burnt out or run off. The point is, if anything, zeropeans can't even handle crisises in their own backyard.

US out ot of zeropa, and take our soldiers from WWI & WWII with us.


The whole picture includes the Zionist terrorists who eventually drove the Muslim Palestinians into refugee camps in their own land, and in Lebanon, and Jordan.
The zionists could not have accomplished that without the help of Christians.

There really is a CLOSE connection between Zionist terrorism and Muslim Terrorism. As the President said, Those who harbor terrorists can expect consequences.
McCain's solution: Send more troops to Iraq?

Well he has the idea we are going to stay that course, maybe someone could ask him just how long he wants to continue this war. Makes ya think is it going to last forever? When is enough enough? Old school and with not any ideas as to how long or how to even fix this BS. Always wondered why our fearless leaders wanted to open this can of worms.

Kind of like someone asking, why did you p-e-e on that electric fence again?

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