the murder of man appears to be wrong.

Riots, destruction is wrong

Media and others blowing up a 1% event and making it sound like 99% is wrong.

news flash, every parent worries when their children go out. Not just black parents. will my child be in a wreck, will they be in wrong place and be beaten up. will my daughter be raped, drugged, will my child do drugs, alcohol.  wrongly arrested, the list goes on and on.   Plus for every parent it doesn't stop when the child grows up and goes out into the world.  

there was another police officer killed, news coverage? 15 seconds.

with the violent behavior in protest, more police killed can you imagine being a police officer?   knowing that the media hates you, half the population hates you and every interaction could turn violent.  Being cussed at, spit on and completely  disrespected. Being the parent of a cop, I worry every day about my child.  

I don't know on this last situation, however aren't most of these started with resisting?  yet still many want to blame 99% for 1%.   

every action has a reaction,  

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Gaining the respect and trust if a community is one of the hardest parts of being an LEO. I know this personally. It only takes ONE 'idiot with a badge' (plus corrupt politians and the MSM) to destroy decades of work by hard-working LEOs and community members. 

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