Rising Crust & Little Capones Italian restaurant

Little Capone's (Cloverdale Road) and Rising Crust Pizza (Fred's store complex off Florence Blvd) were owned and started by the same person.  The Rising Crust Pizza restaurant however was sold to another person so both are under different ownership but the menus are very similar if not the same. 

I've ate at both locations and I think, with regards to their pasta, it's great but I haven't been as excited about the Pizza from there.  Still the reason I created the post is that I'm glad to see both doing an exceptionally good business.  In fact both seem to have trouble making room for everyone that wants to patronize each location and both are providing, most nights, live entertainment in the form of a band or musicians who provide live entertainment to whomever is eating at the restaurant. 

Don't take my word for the Pizzas because I usually order the pasta dishes when I go there and it seems they sell a lot of pizza so I'm pretty sure a lot of people like the pizza also.  I highly recommend their pasta dishes though and actually both restaurants are doing well, it seems, from the crowds that they have on most nights.  I'm just glad to see some mom & pop type locally owned businesses holding their own and doing good.

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I know the guy running the Rising Crust. He has brought in a regular venue of live music and that along with a great atmosphere will bring people back regardless of the food. I would like to point out that yes I have eaten there and the pizza is great as well.

It seems like some people are going to be successful in whatever venture they enter and this is an example of that.

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