Roll Call Of Infamy

Remember when the left crowed over a couple of Fox media persons fired for sex harassment!  Well, the rattle snake has turned. Its the leftie media who are in it up to their rears. BTW, the Guardian is a extreme leftwing UK paper. Think the old English version of the Soviet Pravda.

Below are the names of the accused, so far. Please keep in mind what the elite media itself does not when a Republican is involved  that unless otherwise noted, these stand only as allegations.

  1. Teddy Davis  Senior CNN Producer Jake Tapper's State of the Union

Fired over three allegations of  behavior that does not align with the standards and values of CNN.

  1. Matt Zimmerman Booker for NBC's Today Show

Fired over allegations of sexual harassment.

  1. David Sweeney  National Public Radio Chief News Editor

Left the company over allegations of sexual harassment.

  1. Garrison Keillor  National Public Radio Icon

Fired over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

  1. Matt Lauer NBC News Anchor

Fired for sexual misconduct.

  1. Charlie Rose  CBS/PBS News Anchor

Fired over numerous allegations of harassment, misconduct, and groping.

  1. Glenn Thrush  New York Times White House Correspondent

On suspension over multiple allegations of harassment and unwanted touching.

  1. Mark Halperin  Bloomberg/NBC News Commentator

Fired over numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, unwanted sexual touching.

  1. Lockhart Steele  Editorial Director Vox Media

Fired over allegation of sexual harassment.

  1. Unnamed Employee  Vox Media

Resigned over allegations of sexual harassment.

  1. David Corn  MSNBC Contributor/Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones

Multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, unwanted touching.

  1. Michael Oreskes  Senior Vice President and Editorial Director for NPR

Numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

  1. Leon Wiesletier  Three Decades as Literary Editor at the New Republic

Numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

  1. Hamilton Fish  Publisher New Republic

Numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

  1. Matt Taibbi  Rolling Stone

Confessed in non-fiction memoir to the sexual abuse and the enabling of the abuse of female staffers. Now says he made it all up.

  1. Jann Wenner  Rolling Stone Owner

Accused of sexual misconduct.

  1. Ian Prior  Senior Editor the Guardian

Allegations of sexual harassment, groping.

  1. Unnamed Guardian Employee

Allegations of sexual harassment, groping.

  1. Matt Sullivan  Guardian

Fired over allegations of sexual misconduct, groping."



Original Post

To be fair though there are some conservative or Republican oriented folks that are on the list such as Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bolling, Roger Ailes and there are also many Republicans that have fallen due to their own actions.



both parties have had their share of people caught up in undesirable behavior and while it does seem more are/were Democrats there is enough in both parties to prove that they both dwell in preverbal glass houses.  

Also there is a vast difference is what is expected of Republican/Conservative lawmakers with controversy around them compared to Democrats who most always either get a pass or the benefit of the doubt.  It's often a case of where those pointing the most fingers at those across the isle are most guilty of that which they accuse their colleagues of doing.

it is going to go on and on.   Lots of them should be canned, most made enough money it really doesn't matter to them.  However lots of the cases breaks down to if you are liked or not liked.  If the woman likes you it is ok, if she doesn't like you then it isn't ok or if she gets mad at you.  At one time an accuser had to say stop, no or in someway communicate they don't like it.  Now they just have to wait 5-40 years and make a claim.  They are automatically assume to be telling the truth and the man is of course a man so they are guilty.  The sad thing is this is just more "women are to weak to protect themselves" attitude.  Maybe even a version of easy money. 

There is enough accusations promulgated out there today, along with enough of those accused that have admitted something happened, to know that there remains a lot that is still unknown or underreported.  In with that there will also be (human nature mind you) many who will seek to obtain some kind of paycheck out of it and also many false reports that will be considered genuine until they can be proven otherwise.  In many cases it will always be a he said / she said type situation.  

One would say if we were going to err on one or the other side then err on the side where women would have no fear of coming out and making an accusation meaning that somewhere, sometime, there will be some innocent men that will be falsely accused and thus be harmed in the process.  If that's the way it goes then for those few men, that are caught up as the pendulum swings past, they will suffer their own disgrace and be victimized themselves as a sacrifice so that some true abuse and abusers might be snared.   I doubt thought that they will consider themselves willing martyrs. 

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