Room in the Inn to open for daytime shelter

FLORENCE — Room in the Inn Shoals will open its intake center as a daytime shelter this week due to freezing temperatures.

Room in the Inn provides overnight accommodations for the area's homeless during winter with the help of local church congregations and volunteers.


High temperatures this week are not expected to get out of the 30s.

The intake center is located at 2202 Chisholm Road in Florence.


Volunteers are needed. Anyone interested in volunteering can email Room in the Inn at

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No, the Salvation Army does not help these unfortunate people. In order to receive any shelter from the SA, one has to apply and be approved, and then the time is limited to a certain number of days a year.

Room at the Inn takes anyone. If your power goes out, as it did in Killen the other night, you can spend the night at their designated shelter. If there's a gas leak in your neighborhood, you may seek shelter at one of the designated church buildings.

If anyone is waiting for the Salvation Army church to open it's doors to any and all in cold weather, they're going to have a long wait. We suggest Shoals residents donate to this wonderful program (they take PayPal):

Donate to Room at the Inn


If anyone likes to drink, that's their business, but please don't do it when outside in cold weather. When alcohol is ingested, it filters the heat to the dermis (why you feel warmer), but that makes it much easier for the heat to leave the body, plus it robs vital organs of heat. If you give alcohol to anyone who's been out in freezing temps for 30 minutes or more, you just might kill them.

You're also going to miss that question on your first aid certification test...

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