Goodbye and good riddance!

And I approve this message.
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Originally posted by mad American:
Now if we can get rid of obama, pelosi and reid.

I second that AMEN!

I would love to see Boxer, Reid, and Pelosi all lose their reelections.

Obama is too far off to worry about for now. Kill the body and get the head later.
I lost both the Troy King vote and Griffith but I'll be tickled to lose them if it means that stronger Republican candidates are running in November. I never really understood the resentment of Griffith but I'll admit that I haven't really seen his voting record but took him at his word when he voiced conservatism. Congratulations to all you folks that won your votes on Tuesday and I'll be supporting your candidates in November. ( no sore loser here, just a Conservative (new Republican account of the Democrats in office), former Independent, Southern) voter that's put out with the abuse of the Constitution over the last year and a half.

Also amazed that the "Blame Bush" line is still resonating with some voters/democrats.

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