Ruby Tuesdays trending downward ... at least from my perspective

I had two coupon codes for Ruby Tuesdays which were Buy one get one free.  I used the first one at the Muscle Shoals location which was the first time that I had eaten at Ruby Tuesdays since the closing of the Florence location.

Since the last time I ate at Ruby Tuesdays they have done away with their Salad Bar being included with most of their entrees and now they charge $3.99 extra for it.  The steaks we got/ordered were overcooked and had to be redone something that I never had happen at the Florence location.  Additionally to charging for the Salad Bar the bar is one section smaller than Florence had and they have removed many of their salad bar selections including one of my favorite salad dressings (French). 

I still believe that Ruby Tuesday's closed the wrong location but that's my own opinion.   I did though notice that the management and many of the workers, now at the Muscle Shoals location, are from the old Florence store but that hasn't changed my mind about the Muscle Shoals location and with their new policies that they have implemented I can honestly say that I'm not planning to use the other Buy One Get One free coupon code before it's expiration.  I hate to say but Ruby Tuesdays is off my list for a revisit.  I only hope the others, on the board, and other patrons don't feel the same because I used to like/love Ruby Tuesdays and I hate to see them make such horrible decisions, horrible at least as I see them.

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The change in menu is not unique to the Muscle Shoals location . You can get a salad bar with an entree for an additional buck and a half.
They took my favorite salad dressing off a couple of years back, a parmesan based one. 
I am still pleased they kept the one in Muscle Shoals, we need more on this side of the river. 
Still one of my favorite places tho. 


I'm glad that you are enjoying the one in Muscle Shoals Seeweed because they surely will need your support and business.  I keep hoping that I'm wrong about it but I do know that they have changed some things about what they are serving, for instance the Smokey Mountain Chicken is different, and smaller portioned, and they removed the French dressing from the salad bar along with the Broccoli Salad.  I do believe they have added some things that wasn't on the old salad so maybe that will favor some people.  

Maybe it's just that the changes haven't been ones that I have enjoyed or liked.  I wish they would have been able to keep both locations open.  I actually wonder if either location was actually losing money for the company?   I can't imagine that they would have closed Florence if it was actually making money for them but who knows for sure.  I always thought Florence did enough business to survive but I was wrong there.  Don't get me wrong though I do hope Ruby Tuesday's makes it, for the sake of the employees that work there and I know there are lots of folks that do like them and I agree that Muscle Shoals needs the location there.  I just wish, like Logan's, they could have kept both.

I love that Bourbon salmon they have, and since I get their coupons via e-mail, I tend to go there more than most of the other places of it's type. 
I am very sorry they don't include the salad bar , but their grilled zucchini is awesome.
I am glad any good restaurant opens on this side of the river. Having to go over to stoplight city to get to a good eating place is a hassel , and being the ripe ole age that I am , I prefer to remain hassel free.

 Having said that, I have read that many of that type of restaurant chains around the country are beginning to have trouble. Seems the generation coming along now would rather order out and take it home.



direstraits posted:

I see they demolished the old Florence building.  Anyone know if there is something planned for the space?

I've heard from numerous sources that it's going to be a Panda Express, fast food type Chinese restaurant.

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