Rudy Giuliani: Robert Mueller Is Now Implicated In Collusion And Soft Coup Attempt

Onooo, not crime boss Robbie--


According to Giuliani this information/evidence will surface over the next year to year-and-a-half, and will lead to a fundamental change in the institutions of the Department of Justice and FBI.

(Conservative Tribune) – For well over a year now, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of liberal attorneys have been investigating allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election and anything else that may arise from their probe.

Based on media reports, that “anything else” has included unrelated crimes committed by associates of President Donald Trump long before his campaign for the presidency, lawful actions he has taken since becoming president — viewed by the left as “obstruction of justice” — and even the content and context of his social media postings.

Unfortunately, there is no clear end in sight for the increasingly wide-ranging investigation into apparently all things Trump-related, and it has been reported that Mueller and his team are itching to sit down with the president for an in-person interview, something Trump’s attorneys and many supporters fear could be little more than a “perjury trap” to finally “get Trump” on something, even if only a mere process crime.

The request from Mueller for an interview with Trump was a topic of the conversation Wednesday night between Fox News host Sean Hannity and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, but Giuliani said discussion of the interview wasn’t the “real story” at all, and instead suggested that things were about to “blow up” on Mueller’s team, according to Real Clear Politics.

Of the investigation thus far, Giuliani stated, “Can it get any worse? I mean, what do we need to know that this is a totally illegitimate investigation based on a report, a dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats — probably the biggest illegality so far, the biggest collusion so far.”

“Completely made up. Completely made up. Led to nothing except several fraudulent FISA wires,” he continued, likely meaning “warrants” instead of “wires.” He added, “And now we have Mueller, who doesn’t seem to care that he’s sitting on top of a totally illegitimate investigation.”

Hannity reiterated how ironic it was that the infamous anti-Trump “dossier” was funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and compiled by opposition research firm Fusion GPS and ex-British spy Christopher Steele from Russian sources, all for the express purpose of spreading misinformation among the American public.

Giuliani replied, “Well, maybe if Mueller and his band of whatever they are — Democrats, right — were fair-minded, maybe they’d investigate, maybe that’s the collusion. Maybe that’s the collusion.”

Later in the discussion Giuliani expressed his hope and belief that the investigation would be wrapped up by September, and again noted that he and Trump’s other attorneys weren’t about to let Trump walk into a perjury trap set by Mueller and his team.

A moment later, Giuliani insinuated that something big was about to break, and stated, “The reality is, the real story is not that this case isn’t going to fizzle. It’s going to blow up on them. The real question is, what we talked about before, there’s a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet.”

“A lot more — a lot more to the obstruction of justice, to the collusion, to the fake dossier,” he continued. “They’re trying to bring Steele back in after he was completely discredited.”

After more discussion about the dossier and how it was dishonestly used by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign through a marginal associate — something anybody else would be ruined for doing — Giuliani stated, “And I believe that when this plays out over the next year or two, it’s not going to be about President Trump. That’s going to get over with. It’s going to be about all the things they did. This — you know how sometimes the cover-up is worse than the crime? In this case, the investigation was much worse than the no-crime.”

Hannity concluded by suggesting his sources had told him that the ultimate truth of this whole thing “will shock the heart, the soul, and the mind of any fair-minded American,” to which Giuliani replied, “I think it’s going to lead to some very strict — very big reforms, just like Watergate. It’s a different kind of Watergate. It’s on the side of the investigator.”

It remains to be seen just what Giuliani was referring to that would “blow up” Mueller’s investigation or what Hannity inferred would “shock” the hearts and minds of the American people.

One thing is certain, though — patience is running thin on the part of many Americans, on both sides of the ideological divide, and just about all of us would prefer the whole thing be wrapped up sooner rather than later, regardless of the eventual outcome.

SARA CARTER: New Bruce Ohr Docs Mentioning Strzok and Page Raise Serious Questions With Investigators

Hundreds of documents from twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr have been handed over to Congressional investigators over the last couple weeks and are slowly dripping out to reporters.

On Wednesday, investigative reporter, Sara Carter said new Bruce Ohr notes mentioning former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and her lover former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok raises serious questions.

Via Sara Carter:

A law enforcement sensitive document written by senior Justice Department official, Bruce Ohr, is raising serious concerns amongst congressional investigators regarding testimony provided to Congress on the involvement of FBI special agents in the probe into the Trump campaign and its alleged Russian ties.

Nov. 21, 2016, the handwritten document lists former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, his paramour FBI Attorney Lisa Page and Special Agent Joe Pientka (who along with Strzok interviewed former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn).

Page’s name on Ohr’s notes raises a number of questions, particularly since she would not have normally been involved in national security investigations, a congressional investigator said. It also raises a number of questions regarding McCabe’s possible involvement and whether was he authorizing any meetings or communications with Ohr in regard to the Trump investigation, the investigators noted.

Another congressional investigator told that the notes written by Ohr raise “concerns of previously undisclosed communications with the FBI and Ohr and how extensive these communications were. It also raises concerns about testimony given by Lisa Page, who downplayed her interactions with Ohr in her (July 13) testimony to Congress.”

The notes at the bottom of the memo state, in sloppy writing, “no prosecution yet, pushing ahead on M case,” in reference to Paul Manafort, who is now facing years old charges on financial crimes and money laundering, according to congressional investigators.

On Tuesday evening, investigative reporter, John Solomon dropped a bombshell when he released several exchanges between Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele revealing they continued to communicate well into 2017–after Steele was ‘terminated’ by the FBI.

Although memos show the FBI specifically instructed Steele he could no longer “operate to obtain any intelligence whatsoever on behalf of the FBI,” Bruce Ohr continued to be the FBI’s back-channel to the former British spy.

Text messages also reveal Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele met on July 30th, 2016–just one day before the FBI opened ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’

John Solomon spoke with FOX News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday evening and said, “the real conspiracy that we’re all gonna be looking at in a month from now will be the one inside the Justice Department to defraud the FISC court…I believe that’s where this goes,” Solomon told Hannity.\

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