I heard this on our scanner early in the morning when the deputys got word , by time the deputys got the word of a barge loose it had gone into the fast raiseing waters, They had a hard time finding in where it was in the dark and not able to get close in most places.
I think the deputys did a great job in trying to do what ever possible and waking people up where the water was getting into the homes. And getting the road depeartment out to close first Happy Hollow Bridge , untelll they could see what damage was done. The water in some places is 100 yards or more out of it banks.
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How does a barge get loose? Can officials not react fast enough to stop a slow moving barge? Perhaps the fast moving waters hindered any action?? From what I understand reading, the barge hit Happy Hollow bridge and Shoals Creek bridge. What is a barge doing in the Happy Hollow area?

That was my question too. A lot of sharp turns from shoal creek to happy hollow.
WHNT said the barge has come to rest against the old bridge, along with a whole lot of boats, boat docks.... they are letting traffic across intermediatly. When I came across, traffic was backed up 43 as far as I could see and past the light at Killen.
A barge that they use to build piers broke loose and hit Happy Hollow Bridge. Then two piers at Emerald Beach Marina broke loose with 90-150 boats attached and has hit the old Shoal Creek Bridge and stuck up under it. It is my understanding it has not hit the new bridge yet but they are closing the bridge when the piers swing a certain way that they may go under the old bridge and hit the new bridge.

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