Russian Frigate plays silly game with U.S. Destroyer

US officials: Russia ignored 'rules of the road' sailing dangerously close to Navy destroyer

One day after Russia accused a U.S. Navy destroyer of sailing dangerously close to a Russian Navy frigate in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, two U.S. defense officials briefed on the incident told Fox News the Russian Navy was responsible, blatantly ignoring longstanding “rules of the road” on the high seas.

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Every day I can only imagine Jimmy Carter wakes each day and says a prayer thanking God for Obama and Obama's administration.  We can only image, thankfully, what 8 years of Carter may have been like but we have now to fear what another 4 of Obama, through his surrogate, Hillary Clinton, may be like or to wonder just how much damage has been done and if it can be remedied, fixed, or restored. 

Yes we have had an Republican Administration, under George Bush, where the National Debt rose greatly however early in that Administration America was attacked ONCE and we went to war in two Countries one to address the September 11th attack and the other, Iraq, account of bad intelligence regarding potential weapons of mass destruction.  One thing that George Bush can say that Obama cannot is that America was only attacked the once on September 11th under his administration whereas there has been an attack on our Nation here or abroad every year of Obamas administration.

I can honestly say from my own perspective Obama and his Administration has been the absolute worst in contemporary History and quite possible in History all together.  His administration surely has seen the national debt rise more than all Presidents in the past and yet has so little to show for it.  Failed energy companies like Solindra that took Millions if not Billions, donors to the democratic party yet turn around and fail only to never repay the money given to them by Obama and a Democratic Administration. 

It's actually sad ( I would say laughable but sad is more the word) to hear Hillary Clinton campaign on how much better she will make it when the Democrats, including herself even when the Democrats had super majorities in both houses, and 7+ years to solve all the ills and problems of this nation.  She's supposed to be some great leader yet under her leadership the world saw ISIS come into being when Obama (and Clinton) took a Nation, Iraq, that was stable and mostly defeated, withdrew American troops against the advice of anyone that had any military knowledge or experience, being told that a void would be filled by such as ISIS yet he, and she, did it anyway.  There always quick to assign fault to Bush for the economy he inherited but Obama inherited a stable Iraq and is at fault for it descending into what it is today.  Also look at Libya and it's condition which is also accountable to Clinton and Obama.  In fact where in all the World, that Clinton and Obama are responsible for can you find anywhere better off than when George Bush was President?  Where is America more feared, respected, or admired?  What has the many apologies Obama has rendered produced a greater respect and admiration for America?

What the Democrats have given us is the most embarrassing, inept, incompetent,  ineffective, and costly Administration in History.  From the time where Democrats had absolute and total control the only thing America and it's citizens got out of it was Democratic Healthcare Act called Obamacare which for over 95% of the people affected doubled or quadrupled each households cost for healthcare (in deductibles)  in money spent and paid BEFORE any insurance ever pays a dime toward Healthcare cost in combination with at least doubled cost for whatever insurance coverage we/they have.  Other than that NO Problems were solved or even addressed.  There was plenty of money spent though, GIVEN to energy companies that went bankrupt and absconded with the taxpayer money Obama and the Democrats gave to them but at least the Democrats did get political donations from it. 

We did bail out Chrysler only after the elimination and closing of large amount of dealerships, mostly who were friendly to Republicans and General Motors insisting in elimination of Hummer, Saturn and Pontiac brands and although the loans were paid back the Government still lost money and the Nation ended up with more automotive people out of work than were working before the bailouts.

You have all the owners of the Chrysler dealerships along with their sales persons and service personnel who no longer had jobs or a company to work for and you had all the GM Saturn, Hummer and Pontiac employees that no longer had jobs as a result of the after bailout money.  Of the three automotive companies only Ford actually came out better and they were the only one that didn't accept bail out money and the strings that came with it.

So I wonder how exceptionally crazy the Democrats on the forum can spin it to make it appear that the last 7 years were better in any way than when George Bush was president for frankly I can't think of any and yet there is a very good chance we will elect Hillary Clinton who is just as liberal and would pretty much be a rubber stamp of everything Obama wanted to do or did including the great reduction of Military troop levels to historic numbers that even Jimmy Carter never accomplished.


That was rather off-topic, but we'll run with it anyway.

Right now it doesn't matter whether the Democrats or Republicans are in power.  Both want to use the government to further their own political agenda instead of increasing the liberty and prosperity of the people.  Democrats give voice service to helping the poor and transparent government while engaging on crony capitalism and serving their own kind behind closed doors and deceit.  They want to extend the socialist reach of the government in the name of fairness at the expense of the rights and liberties of the people.   Republicans give voice service to the middle class while carrying out their own crony capitalism and pushing their theocratic social agenda, also at the expense of the rights and liberties of the people. 

Either way, the people lose.  Time to vote them all out and keep voting them out until we get term limits for Senators and Representatives, and a government that is more concerned with the rights and prosperity of the people instead of lining their own pockets.

Old Salt, you left out one important fact. Democrats are selling the country to foreign interests. They are dangerous, and if we can't stop them, vote them out and never vote them in again, the country is done for. All we can hope is that it's not to late to turn it around.

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