Sam’s Club close 63 stores nationwide

Looks like Florence location is Safe from the closure. Here’s the Alabama & neighboring states closing.


  • 3900 Grants Mill Rd, Irondale, AL


  • 615 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN
  • 1805 Getwell Rd, Memphis, TN


  • 2994 Turner Hill Rd, Lithonia, GA


  • 355 FL-436, Fern Park, FL
  • 5135 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL


 None in Mississippi

See all the Closings here:

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Sam's seems OK to me, Never been to Costco's in Huntsville, but Sister & Brother-in-law Love Costco over Sams. They shop both. I guess it's a matter of shopping habit or preference. For the wife & I, we don't need the mega monster 60+ rolls of toilet paper to save a dollar. However we do buy plenty of dog food for us & the shelter to make up for the toilet paper..

peede coober 2 posted:

When Sam's first opened here we joined but quit after a year or 2. For me it seemed like if I bought in bulk then I used more.

We were like you, kept membership for about 3 years then dropped. I noticed the more we bought in bulk. The more we used or wasted and if we had too much stuff and not enough pantry room from all the buying Wants at Sams, the wife gave it away to her kids....Which was OK, but I kinda got tired of them soon "Expecting a Load" every time they came to visit...LOL 

We renewed our Sams membership a couple years ago, but this time I do 85% of the Sams shopping...and get out with only the items we need or will use within a month or so. My wife just can't to Sams & pick up a few items. I pick up what we need and get out. We are opposite shopping types...or She's thinking she is getting the Deal of a Lifetime. Go Figure...Oops..She didn't Figure the math of Mass Quantity of Stuff vs Shelf Life or seasonality change...

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