Kill the whites some in South Africa are saying.  It's not enough to grab their land and run them off but now some are wanting to sanctify the killing of one race because of their color.  Remember the outcries in this Country over apartheid in South Africa?  Today Apartheid is over but the rolls are reversed yet the outcomes are the same with the exception of the targeted race.  Where are all the Hollywood elites and actors that decried apartheid and the White rulers of South Africa when they abused their political power?  Today is the killing and extinction of a minority race to be sanctioned and celebrated?   You don't see the media outcry over this either.  

Human nature is the same regardless of what race you are talking about and if one races offenses over another were bad and horrible then the same actions are still just as horrible and detestable or should be when the rolls are reversed.  But sadly it seems they aren't.

Even in this Country on some of our Campuses

You have the seeds of separation being rooted yet because the racial hatred and actions are directed against one race it seems accepted and tolerated.  If Racism is bad then it's bad regardless of the race that does the offenses or the race targeted.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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yet MSM is more concerned with one person who happens to be a reporter.   Oh if you speak of bringing them here, then it is because your a racist and they are white.

A reporter that was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a friend of Bin Laden's.....was not a US citizen and had bought an apartment in Turkey for him and his new girl friend. A girl friend that he had met in May and got engaged to in August, while still married. He had gone to Turkey for a divorce. Why isn't Turkey investigating his death...why is it any of the business of the US?

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