School social worker threatens Pelosi challenger:

Since it’s California, we’re not exactly surprised that he’s not facing any serious consequences. 

A new report from the Post Millennial claims that a California man caught making threats against a GOP candidate is actually a social worker inside a San Francisco school district.

Nice guy to have around your kids. 

According to the report, a protester was captured on video as he repeatedly verbally attacked San Francisco GOP chairman John Dennis during a city cleanup event last week. 

In the video, the man, now identified as Stefan Goldstone, can be heard confronting Dennis. Dennis responded. 

“Why are you so angry? I don’t understand. I’m just here chatting with you,” Dennis asked. “You probably disagree with me, but I disagree with you.”

But it went further than disagreement in politics, according to Goldstone. 

“No, I actually want you dead … because you’re a piece of s—. You’re racist.” 

Goldstone apparently didn’t do his research on Dennis before running his mouth. 

“You don’t know one thing about me,” Dennis fired back. “I grew up in a public housing project.” 

In response to that, Goldstone told Dennis he wasn’t welcome in California, telling him to go back where he came from. 

Then he threatened physical violence.

“Bro, I’mma catch you when all the cameras aren’t around and I’m gonna f— you up,” he says. 

Dennis refused to back down, saying that Goldstone had the wrong guy.

How does this guy not realize how hypocritical he’s being? How is threatening physical violence against someone you disagree with in the name of peace not an immediate “a-ha” moment?

Dennis said that while the video of the exchange has gone viral, he hasn’t had the chance to file an official police report against Goldstone. 

“Mr. Goldstone has anger management issues and is clearly capable of violence,” Mr. Dennis told The Post Millennial. “While he’s roaming the streets I have to be aware of my surroundings in case I have to defend myself. I’m even more concerned about the safety of my family.”

The cleanup event where the altercation transpired was organized in San Francisco by conservatives, and was immediately deemed a “racist event” that was disrespectful to homeless people in the area.



School social worker threatens Pelosi challenger:

Unsurprisingly, Haney covers the 6th district – an area boasting some of the highest crime and homelessness rates in the region.

He later deleted the tweet after finding out that masked protesters had allegedly beaten and robbed one of the cleanup volunteers. 

Goldstone, the man who went after Dennis on camera, is said to be a local DJ in the Bay area, reportedly opening for famous acts like Kanye West and Mos Def. 

Other video recorded at the cleanup event is said to show Goldstone aggressively confronting others.

It’s mind-blowing that an effort to help clean up a community is now considered racist and ignorant. 

CornPop was a “bad dude” who “ran a bunch of bad boys”-Joe Biden


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