Went into sears for the first time in YEARS today. Was very surprised by what I saw. The store was very clean and organized. The Christmas decor was very nice and bright. Workers welcomed me as I walked through the store also. Found some great deals and nice clothing selection. Bought my husband some clothing for Christmas by Outdoor Life that was very nice. I was very surprised. 

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Good experience from Sears earlier this week. I was looking for a bacteriostat to treat the water in my humidifier.  The parts list for the humidifier offered a quart for about 7 dollars plus about the same amount for shipping.  Got a quart at Sears for $3.99.  That is enough for about two and a half months.


By the way, any of you who use an evaporative type humidifier--you should be adding a liquid bacteriostat to the water placed in that equipment. Humidifiers can support the Legionella bacteria, which cause a very serious form of pneumonia.  I have been told that using 8 drops of Clorox per gallon is an adequate preventive, but as cheap as the bacteriostat is, I believe I will stick with it.



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Must have been one heck of an experience, seeing as how they had to make two threads about it.


Did they really make 2 threads about it? If so, it's most likely a spam bot. I don't see the other one but maybe it got deleted. 

I may go into Sears 2x per year.  And that's twice as many times as I visit the rest of the mall yearly.


Since my office quit wearing shirt and ties years ago, my clothing budget is about a net nothing.  When I retired, I got two pairs of blue jean shorts at Wal Mart, an Auburn shirt and an Alabama shirt.  I won't win any fashion contests, but screw it.  I'm comfy not spending more than $100 a year on clothing and not visiting malls.

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