Sears - Florence Mall location Closing

As I mentioned, in another post, Sear's in Florence Mall will be closing that store sometime in the spring, most likely April, according to Store employees.  Selected Sears locations, across the nation, will be closed but not the whole chain.  Does anyone doubt that the chain will follow suite sometime in the not so distant future?

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I feel so bad for Sears and KMart's good employees.  

What's so bad is that Sears was the original mail order operation and they just failed to execute their business plan.  And they didn't have the internet even.

Now, it's just a matter of liquidating both Sears and KMart as they're both goners.

Didn't even make into a Sears store this Christmas. Wasn't even on my radar to shop there, I just completely forgot about Sears this year. I did walk into Kmart just to see what was on Sale a few days before  Christmas. Noticed a lot of empty floor space near the rear corner of the store with NO Merchandise, just wide open empty floor space. Kmart reminded me of a store that was getting rid of all existing inventory and was preparing to close their doors after Christmas season. I don't see either being around much longer.. Nothing to entice me to shop at either Sears or Kmart..


Have a lot of my dad's American made Craftsman tools, especially hand tools.  He would say back in the 50's & 60's that a Sears & Roebuck catalog was the best encyclopedia / dictionary of tools you could find.  In the early 60's, you could buy military surplus rifles like Mausers and British Lee-Enfields for less than $15.  Still have a 1895 7mm. The Sears store in downtown Charleston SC was a big deal back then.  Last thing I bought from Sears was a washer & dryer in 2003.


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