Not sure what you mean "1st time in history.." BUT, I posted this on another forum....

Someone else posted OSU Overated...I posted:

Need to add:

1. ESPN...need I say more???

2. Big 10. When the chips were down (Meesheegan and Overated State U.), they CHOKED!!!

3. BCS divided by C = B.S. Boise State busted that last, mighty OSU gets slaughtered in the BCS Champ Game....boy, talk about a disaster...Again, time for playoff. We got cheated 2 years ago.

4. Nortre Dame...Media Darling Brady Quinn is NOT the Mighty Quinn...

Biggest Winner:

1. SEC. I dont' have to mention why....
The 1st time a school has held the NCAA football and basketball championship in the same year!! I'm not a gator fan but I am a SEC fan !!!!!!!!
maybe a baseball title and another basketball title can come to the sec oh yeah and tennessee and lsu should have a got shot at the womens basketball championship.
LMAO to all the people that said FLorida or any SEC school couldn't play with a big 10 school. NOW WHAT!
anyone hear all the talk about osu not playing a game in 50 something days or something like that. stop making excuses they had pleanty of time for a lot of practice and who's fault is it that the big 10 has no conference championship that would have gave them a more recent game?
You they are going to come up with excuses. They just couldn't handle the defence and all the mixing of the plays of the offence. In other words, they got out played and out coached. Bottom line.

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