Not sure what you mean "1st time in history.." BUT, I posted this on another forum....

Someone else posted OSU Overated...I posted:

Need to add:

1. ESPN...need I say more???

2. Big 10. When the chips were down (Meesheegan and Overated State U.), they CHOKED!!!

3. BCS divided by C = B.S. Boise State busted that last, mighty OSU gets slaughtered in the BCS Champ Game....boy, talk about a disaster...Again, time for playoff. We got cheated 2 years ago.

4. Nortre Dame...Media Darling Brady Quinn is NOT the Mighty Quinn...

Biggest Winner:

1. SEC. I dont' have to mention why....
anyone hear all the talk about osu not playing a game in 50 something days or something like that. stop making excuses they had pleanty of time for a lot of practice and who's fault is it that the big 10 has no conference championship that would have gave them a more recent game?

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