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The DNC got their panties in a wad because WikiLeaks hacked their [Hillary & Debbies'] plan to stick it to Ol Bern.  Something Ol Bern has always known.  It's rigged.  Donald is just pointing out the obvious.

So what does the DNC do?  They fire Debbie and blame it on Donald because he put the Russians up to hacking which Julian disavows.  He doesn't want anyone taking his credit.  Wow!  Just wow!

So now the Dems, don't know how they do it, got their panties in more of a wad when Donald says the Russians ought to try to find Hillary's 30,000 deleted emails [cause our FBI can't do it] and the Dems say Donald is "sleeping with the enemy."

Here's what, Democrats, the Russians don't need an invitation to hack a former US Secretary of State who is so dam stupid as to post classified information on an unsecured server.

How hard is that to understand?


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Democrats have to be worried about what will drop next whether or not they admit it.  Bernie could, if he wanted, provide the ultimate payback to Hillary and the Democratic party  by just announcing a 3rd party independent run for the White House and given Hillary's actions and what may come in the future from other leaks could very well put Bernie in a position to achieve more votes than Hillary.  Also if Bernie makes a 3rd party run for it then Super Delegates will not have an effect at all on the outcome. 

Hillary may still win what with minority votes and Hispanic votes but Bernie could achieve ultimate payback for their deliberate actions.  Sadly though I doubt that will happen but he should have the funds for it and he still has great support that would vote for him.

Panetta’s speech at the Democrat convention is, at best, illogical.  Trump, jokingly, asked the Russkis to make Hillary’s emails public.  Democrats claim that her server was never hacked.  The server is, presently, in FBI hands. I suspect, its not online.  Either, the Russians don’t have the emails and the Democrats were correct.  Or, the Democrats are incorrect and Hillary’s emails were hacked.  In which case, why does it matter, that the emails be made public?  As to Panetta’s emigrant parents. One assumes they were legal immigrants. In which case, Panetta’s argument is irrelevant and illogical as Trump was referring to illegal aliens.  Or, Panetta’s parents were illegal.  Which would place them in the timeframe that Mussolini was the leader of Italy.  It’s long suspected that Benito attempted to infiltrate agents into the Italian immigrant population of the US.  So, Leon, were your parents fascist agents?

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