Secret Service Moves In After Antifa Thugs Finally Cross The Line

What started as peaceful protests outside the White House on Sunday soon drew the attention of the Secret Service.

While the bulk of the protesters marched while carrying banners of “Peace” and chanting peaceful slogans, the crowd was also “peppered with anarchists, black bloc thugs and armed, masked Antifa members,” as reported by The Daily Caller.

Amid chants the of “Love, not hate. That’s what makes America Great,” threats of violence against President Donald Trump were being recorded by reporters on the scene.

The Secret Service policy prohibits comments on “protective intelligence investigations,” but the agency confirmed with The Daily Caller that it was aware of the threats and the incident was under investigation.

As reporters asked the antifa protesters what they would say to the president if he showed up at the rally, they answered with violence in all instances.

“If I get the chance to f— him up I would.”

“We’d have to do him like Gaddafi.”

“Beat his ass.”

“I would murder him, for the people.”

“If I get a chance to f— him up, I would.”

“I would throw the f—— bell at him.”

“I would p— on his leg.”

Violence against those with whom they disagree seems common in the antifa movement.

In this video from the dismal Unite the Right rally on Sunday in Washington, a man was pushed by an antifa protester, and large groups of demonstrators marched through the street chanting anti-American slogans




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