Don't know if the Florence store will be totally rebuilt or just redesigned but this article could be related to what's going on with the Florence location. 

Inside Story about the new Concept

Either way the Florence Shoney's Restaurant location is now closed and there are signs abundantly placed on the windows advertising a re-imaging of the store.  Other papers indicate that patrons can go to the Shoals or Athen's locations in the mean time.  Another addition Shoney's is adding at select locations is the addition of alcohol sales and most likely this will be at the Florence location as well.  Sounds like they are looking to better compete with Applebees, Chili's and Friday's.

I saw one of the new designed Shoney's stores around Fultondale, Alabama and they do look sharp and nice.   Don't know about the menu and if it will be revamped or if the kitchen will be redone and their approach to what, and how, they serve but with regards to the existing Florence store any change should be a positive one.  No idea either how long this re-imaging will take.  There above linked article as well as some of the attached photos may give an idea of how the new re-imaged location will look.  The question is will they gut the building, remodel it, or tear it down and start over?   

I used to patronize Shoney's quite a bit and enjoyed eating there but as they began to concentrate and focus on their food bar more and less on fresh food prep and off menu items my desire to eat there diminished.  I also used to love the "Big Boy" but I believe that is gone for good given the legal problems they had with other "Big Boy" restaurants years ago.  I hope that this change will be a positive one and one which resurrects Shoney's as a viable restaurant in the Florence and Shoals area because of late it's been more like the Hardees restaurant that was at the intersection of Florence Blvd and Cox Creek before it was closed and the building repurposed.  Shoney's, I hope, will make a comeback but time will tell and the new plans, I believe, are a good step in that direction.  I'm just glad that they decided to reinvest in Florence rather than throw up their hands and get out of the market all together.

Photos depicting the closing of the Florence location of Shoney's 

New look for Shoney's restaurants.  This could be what the Florence location will be re-imaged to look like.


Re-imaged (new) interior concept of new Shoney's

Photos below are from the Fultondale, Alabama Shoney's and may be what's planned for the Florence location and the new Huntsville locations. 

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