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When I lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee they had a Trap/Skeet club located on Moccasin Bend area where residents and members of that club could go to shoot Trap & Skeet.  Here in Florence, before the development North of the city along Cox Creek Road there used to be a dirt bank where many people could take their hand guns and target practice with the dirt bank backing them up.  Being outside the city limits and the Sherriff's department not objecting, most anyone could use this area to target their weapons.

Does anyone know of any other areas, in the area, where either there are indoor shooting ranges or locations where  a person could sight in a rifle or handgun?   I believe that the closest location to the Shoals with an indoor facility is Madison or Huntsville, Alabama.  Some have also said that the Florence Police department have a shooting facility just past the softball park off Hwy 20 but other than rumor I haven't heard anything about it or if it's open to the public.

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In my TVT link above, Dire talks about

I've never been there [didn't look it up], but had I known it was so close to The Arsenal and  Cabelas and new Larry's it would have been part of the itinerary  [Gander Mountain and Old Larrys are a bit too far anymore]

Might as well add ****s opening near Cabelas and Academy and Bama Pawn in Decatur. . . . all on the way home

Anyhow, this topic is about ranges.  Open ranges if your into skeet/trap or handgun/longgun beyond 25 yards.

Other than seeking out a gun club, have you considered joining a hunting club?

Some clubs get the most use of their yearly lease by including shooting activities in the off season.  Our off season shooting includes po-man skeet, trap, 100 yard rifle, small bore target and plinking.  I'd like to set up one of those "Shooter's Challenges where on move along paths, ponds, blinds and stands to create a total hunting environment.

Especially primitive weapons.

rifles Side by Side Shotgun Classic Standard

I hadn't thought about joining one of the skeet or trap clubs partly because I didn't know of any around.  I really don't know if I would join one as I guess it would depend on the overall cost and reoccurring cost of shooting.   I was mostly looking for a place I might could set up my scopes and sights on my guns but thanks to all for the information and contributions to the thread.

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