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junior, your dog might not be getting enough fiber. Try feeding him some canned pumpkin.
Are you serious? Wonder what i could give him tonight to make the little feller feel better?

Check the animals gums. If they look whitish compared to the normal pin k color, the animal has worms.
The best temporary solution is sardines. The oil in them is good to revive the animal until you can worm it. Make sure you get a wormer for hook worms.
Also, if the color of the coat has a spotted look and they look thin behind the ribs, all that is a strong indicator of hook worms.
If the dog won't eat the sardines then you will need to force feed him.
I was in the Hospital and my wife came to see me and she said that our dog had the Stemper, I think it is (Distemper)anyway the man in the bed across from me told her to get some 4 way cold tablets and give it 2 three times a day and also get some Vicks Vaporub and rub it in his eyes , nose and make him swallow some,he said that Distemper wasn't nothing but the flu. I don't know but the dog got alright and lived several years after that.
Then you must have a miracle on your hands. I can't believe anybody would say, much less do such a thing. Cold tablets? Vaporub IN IT'S EYES?
Junior, your dog may be obstructed. If he's vomiting every times he tries to eat, drinking lots of water and then vomiting, lethargic, and can't be on his feet for long, get to a vet immediately. If he's got a simple upset stomach, Pepto chewables or Tums work well too. Saying a prayer for you and the fuzzbutt.
Some worms come from fleas, others from mosquitos, etc. I give my border collie medicine once a month for heart worms. You should too. Every dog needs to see a vet at least once a year, twice is they're older. We also use Frontline plus for the bugs. Its not cheap but its worth it.
btw, if its tape worms he'll need a shot from the vet. And Four-Way cold tablets? That brings back memories of an uncle who used to take them whenever he got sick. Don't think they make those anymore, but they probably would work for a dog. I'd deep six the Vicks.
It may just be the heat. Every summer my dog will go for two or three days without eating his food. But he does sniff out a certain type of leaf and eats it. The vet said it was probably the heat and dogs instinctively know not to have a full stomach when it is so hot.

I've gone through this for 5 or 6 years now with my dog and he always checks out fine. He just came off almost a 3 day fast last night and ate his food.

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