Sick of the Dumb Racist Charges Against Trump

Some racist, he has about five Jewish men at top positions in his business. His son-in-law is Jewish, as is his daughter Ivanka and her two children.

Trump's noted for marrying and dating lovely women -- lots of them. That puts him in the same class as Bill Clinton and JFK.  Except, he's never been called a rapist, unlike Bill.   Like JFK, he has good taste in women, unlike Bill.

Kara Young, one of the ladies he dated for quite a time never heard him utter a racist comment.

Yes, Kara is black, at least as black as Obama.


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You and most others know this is a totally false argument and about the only thing that deranged and incensed liberal left have other than hopes that lightning will strike and somewhere someone can actually make something about Russia stick to Trump. 

It's the exact same thing over and over again.  Only care for the Rich ... Republicans, Throw all old people over the cliff and cancel Medicare,  and above anything else ALL REPUBLICANS and Conservatives are Racist especially all whites and even more so for white males.   This happens very election without fail.  The sad thing is there are so many that believe it unquestionably without stopping to realize that there really is one political party that ignores them and takes them for granted and that is the Democrats.  Case in point ... how many Democratically controlled cities and area of the Country have turned things around for minorities?   Are the lives of minorities any better in these cities and locations with historically Democratically controlled governments? 

Even with all this evidence and glaring facts staring minorities in the face they are duped by Democrats talking points pointing the finger at the Republicans and shouting that they are racist.  Then you have race merchants like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that make their living on discontent and malcontent among the people feeling that they are constantly being depressed and held back.  It continues to amaze me how much minorities take on face value when a Democratic politician says it and how they automatically shut down any Republican before they can make any statement or comment.  Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy. 

Actually the exact same thing happens to radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, without any proof or evidence.  Many or most don't know and realize that since the beginning Rush has kept the same call screeners or family working for him and working for a very good wage and salary and benefits.  I can assure you that these minorities are not complaining about Rush and sure have no concerns about how he feels.   Most Conservatives are like that but liberals, who are where the real differences are made, lie and fool minorities about people that they have no idea about.  They are taking things for granted and without evidence yet believing that they are 100% factual when usually it's just the opposite.   Even George Bush empowered minorities far more than Clinton ever did and I believe even more than Obama.  It's also interesting that regarding gender that Hillary was guilty of pay differences paying males more than females for the exact same work yet nothing is ever said about that.

It hasn't been too many years ago that the absolute worse things that could be said about anyone was they were dishonest, untrustworthy, a crook or not dependable. Not anymore. Anybody can be any and all of these things, just as long as they're not accused of being a racist, it's all good. Sad

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