Quandarrius Robinson, Bama LB commit, a name for the ages.

It's All Over Now, Take What You Think Is Necessary

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He explains why he chose Alabama

USA Today reports on him

It sounds like another student that knows what's best for his football future.  I'd say the number of Alabama athletes that are drafted to the NFL was instrumental in his ultimate decision to choose Alabama over Auburn or the others.  Let's just hope that he can and will remain healthy given Alabama's history with other Line Backers and their injuries.

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I saw where the NFL might drop the preseason games and add one to
the regular season. I agree with the idea if it happens.

I was excited to see the TENNESSEE didn’t get completely blown away right from the start.  GEORGIA eventually took over but Tennessee at least showed some resistance up front and led for a little while.

 Auburn, I actually thought would play a bit better but the freshman showed up in the QB when Florida's defense got tough.  Auburn has a rough road ahead and could have a few more losses, possibly three more.

 As for 2020’s recruiting class, I know it’s early but Clemson, with six 5 star commits is #1 followed by Alabama with two 5 star commits followed by Ohio State.  GEORGIA I think is around 6th in 2020 recruiting.  

i hope Alabama has another great recruiting class because I think they stand to lose a bunch to the draft this year maybe even a record 8 to the first round.

I can't actually remember the last time I watched an NFL game, even the Super Bowl.  I completely gave up on the NFL when all those millionaire players decided to fuss about their situations, which doesn't exist, and get political.  Imagine that they are wanting some kind of sympathy for their situation by equating it as being slaves for the owners.  No slaves were millionaires you can be that and none had it near as good as these players have it.  

Spoiler Alert:
The episode that got South Park outlawed in China mocked American companies like Disney, Google and the NBA, among others, for ignoring the country’s anti-American practices in the name of making a profit.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet also make an appearance in the episode, as they are held in a Chinese labor camp after being banned when citizens joked that President Xi Jinping resembles Pooh.

The show’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker responded to the censorship in a sarcastic statement that further mocks the authoritarian regime and also pokes fun at the NBA for recently kowtowing to China.

Stone and Parker also allude to more comedic jabs at China, telling people to watch the 300th episode of South Park on Wednesday, October 9.

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