Sister of Muslim Woman in 'Trump' Hate Crime Hoax Blames NYPD

Freaking told you this story was BS! Deport her azz!

The sister of a woman charged in New York City for filing a false police report about drunk men on a subway train yelling "Trump" and "terrorist" at her blames the NYPD for bringing the alleged lie to light.

Sara Seweid said the police never should have investigated her sister's claims because law enforcement's "first instinct" is to doubt and then disprove accusations, the New York Post reported:

"Things snowballed out of our control because of the media… reporters made things so much worse for our family.”

“I had more than one cop tell me that they’ve looked through all our social media… and it doesn’t look good that we’ve been vocal about certain issues they perceive to be anti -trump, anti-white and even anti-men.”

Yasmin Seweid of New Hyde Park, N.Y. said that on December 1, a group of inebriated white men began yelling "Trump, Trump!", "Go back to your country!" and "Terrorist!" at her on a late-night subway train.



Further investigation brought authorities to the conclusion that Yasmin Seweid fabricated the encounter and they subsequently charged her with filing a false report and obstructing government administration.

Yasmin Seweid admitted she made up the story because she did not want to be in trouble with her family for staying out late, Abby Huntsman reported.

Prior to her arrest, Seweid also allegedly ran away to her sister's home in upstate Fishkill, sparking a manhunt, the Post reported.

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Just like the parishioner of that African American church that was arrested for arson of his own Church as he painted pro Trump statements on the walls in an attempt to create a situation to conform to false narratives.   The democrats shouted that Trump was racist and that those who supported him were racist as if they were the majority of his supporters and as if Trump agreed with the small fringe of people that conformed to the picture that the Democrats were painting.

Sure there were and are some racist Trump supporters but the same could be said of Hillary and the Democrats.   When the overall evidence was not supporting the assertion being made then many democrats sought to create that which they believed in their heart but was being rejected by the facts and actual evidence.    They burned their own buildings and property and they created false reports of threats and abuse.  They lied so as to create situations where they then could point to and accuse Trump or his supporters of.   It was the Democrats who were paying people to create unrest at Trump rallies along with a more than willing national (Biased) Media who were all to willing to pick up any false story and run with it embellishing it all the more to make it have some measure of legitimacy even though the facts were not there to back it up.

Shameful as it was at least it didn't work, but the sad, and scary thing is, it possibly could have worked if not for the overwhelming ground swell of support for Trump along with a equally great distrust of National media.  Trump will have no trouble gaining support of those who disliked him if he is successful in doing what he wants to do and bring prosperity back to America with jobs and all.  The problems Trump has now to face is that continual and constant biased media that continues, even today, to seek his failure and create situations that do not exist but solely are there to fit a narrative that is not supported by facts or evidence.  Democrats and liberals are extremely unhinged because of their profound electoral loss and are seeking any way possible to relieve themselves of the guilt for their huge loss.  In effect they should face reality that they are so far out of the mainstream and have lost all association with middle class America and the needs of the same. 

She lied about white men, Trump supporters, attacking her. She lied because she had stayed out to late. When her father found out she had lied he shaved her head. Not for lying about the white men, but for staying out late. Was her father arrested for the "attack" on his daughter? Her brothers had already been in trouble with the law. Why wasn't this entire bunch deported instead of given FREE legal representation??

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