Slavery Returns To Venezuela -- The World's Worst Economy --

Per the International Monetary Fund.

The Soviet Union resorted to this type of forced labor to augment labor on the communes.  It was supposed cause solidarity amongst the workers.  Those on the communes were born there, and, with a few exceptions would remain as serfs for life working in the fields, controlled by internal passports.  Those exceptions were military service and exceptional students.  Most workers preferred life servitude to military service for two years.  It was that bad.  Students who were exceptions, including Marxist-Leninist theory got an out.  They might work at the regional government or Moscow -- Valhalla.  Why, while the TP in Moscow had the texture of crepe paper, like all of it, there were no splinters.


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It always comes down to the fact liberalism/socialism doesn't
work and it never will for an extended period of time.
hellery and mobumboy are perfect examples of stupidity
and how the defected mind works.
You may try but you can't argue the math, the country is in a
death spiral with no one to blame but the counterfeit POS
bone in nose moron hater of anything American.   

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