So Republicans are the Party of the Rich!

The demlemmings don't want to talk about soros or the rich muzzies that support hilliary and put obama in office. They want to talk about the Koch brothers. They also claim to be the party for womens' and gay rights. Tell us again hilliary, how the well muzzies treat their women, and how they love gay people.

Anymore Democrats are the party of the Deceitful and anti-Americans.  Look at the Parties candidate for President, a Habitual liar and if there ever was someone that was the atypical "Crooked Politician" it is Hillary.  As for calling it the party of the deceitful, I'm speaking more of the politicians that make up the Democratic party than the actual people that vote for them.  I just believe that the bulk of those that vote for the Democrats do so out of ignorance of what the party has become, over the years.  Most don't actually seem to know or care about the actual people they are voting for but they are just voting, without thinking or investigation and caring or they are voting AGAINST the Republicans whom they have been indoctrinated to believe are bad or are the party of the rich or who favor big business and big money donors.

Democrats have their own big money donors who they cater to and favor just like Republicans have theirs.  Both parties have their bad characters and politicians.  With Donald Trump the electorate just happened to choose someone who wasn't a part of the establishment party and thus is rejected by many of the establishment politicians and party leaders.    People should be celebrating someone like Trump who actually could stand a chance of upsetting the politics as usual policy.  Instead, because he's running against Hillary, he's become, in the last few months, the most despicable man in America and so many actually believe it because they are told that by the media and by the Democratic National Convention or advertisements put forth by people with an agenda to see Donald Trump is not elected.

Donald Trump stands for a "Change" for the betterment for all Americans and our Nation. From both the Republican and Democrat establishment camps. Both want no disruption in their "Gravy Train Globalization" whereas, both have enjoyed for so many years... Current globalization plans are showing signs of Anti-Americanism and maturity, in the form of loss of really good paying manufacturing jobs that Americans & States, once had, and now need so badly. Globalist had to Promote the taking from richer nations to provide and distribute to poorer nations... Sound Familiar... Becoming the Gift to those nations as a Helping Hand... as we saw the Performance & Acceptance by Democrat Americans who elected and welcomed Bill Clinton's final signing of "NAFTA". All of which was/is a part of spearheading Globalization, which are controlled by those (Elite Globalist) paying the Candidates, Huge $$$'s in Party Contributions for elected candidates, who in turn, provide Favors in return, to further the contributor's cause, with instilled policies and drafting of new laws, to further entrench their agenda and profits.

  After all, these Globalist Billionaires, find there's easy money to be made, by knowing ahead of time, the Changes in Law, coming forward. Knowing these law changes , help an investor and/or Globalist know where "To Invest" or "Not Invest" in business sectors and companies, due to the changing laws, presented and/or promoted, by the President and Congress to enact. ( Investors know this as somewhat like, "Insider Trading", but you & I can't call these actions out for what they are, we don't have the funds to litigate such a lawsuit plus politicians have their ways to cover it up or disguise the money laundering schemes & some hold sovereign immunity)

Hillary's Rule #1 - To Play, You must Pay... Hillary's Moto & Handbooks - "How to Get Power to become Rich" & "The Nation is For Sale for the Right Price". 

As you look in the mirror, Now you know, Who the Little People are.. don't be the pawn, get involved with other like minded thinking folks in your community.

The Current Status Quo - Ain't Cutting It - America is on the Wrong Path!!

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