Sophia's Cantina, Rogersville.

Was in Rogersville yesterday and got to try a new Mexican restaurant.

 A new place with an entirely different menu from most local places. The prices was a little high, but the service and atmosphere made it worth the trip. I for get the name of what I had but it is similar to Fajitas in that it comes out on a cast iron platter with the same sides as fajitas, it was good.

 The place is clean and with class. Every bit as much effort has been put into this place as the new place in the mall. I will certainly be going back to this place when in area. Check it out.

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Being from this area we really like Sophia's. It's named after the owner's daughter. They are very friendly there. The place is nice and the food is really  good. At a Mexican restaurant the first thing I notice is the salsa they bring with the chips. Sophia's is good. We've tried just about everything on the menu, it's all good. 

Yesterday after eating at Las trojas I noticed grease on the plates. Sophia's isn't greasy.

Thanks for adding this one to the forum.  I agree on the salsa and chips.  Just curious if either of you or another forum member gets a chance.  What is the salsa and chips like there?  What I want to know is if the Salsa is mild, medium, or hot flavored?  Also if the chips are thin or thick and do they make them there?  Sometimes Casa Mexicana has their salsa a bit too hot for my liking and for my taste the salsa at Rosie's Cantina and Las Troias is more like I can handle.  I know most people like the hot, spicy, type but my stomach won't allow me to get away with too spicy of food these days.

Rosie's has the thick chips where Las Troias has medium-sized chips and Chili's, although not Mexican, has thinner chips.  I don't think there are any of the local Mexican restaurants that actually makes their chips.  When I lived in McDonough, GA (South of Atlanta) there were several Mexican restaurants, the best being  LaParrilla and they did make their chips there and they were very good.  

Sophia's Cantina Facebook page

As for their menu, I have found a few images I'll also attach for those others who may happen by the forum and might be interested in eating there.



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 Now that you have posted the menu. it is the Espadas what I ate when there last week.

The salsa is a little spicy though that is how I prefer it. When I go I always ask if the have a spicy salsa and they do, Their hot salsa is comparable to what Casa Mexicana has.

The chips are of a medium texture.

I do believe that LA Hacienda does make their own chips because they are of half tortilla size  and not quarter size like most places are.


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