I am leaving this Sunday for a trip and I'll be flying standby. My question is that at the last min. can you request an available first class seat or do you have to take what they give you. I am constantly monitoring AA.com for flight schedules and available seats.. they're more seats available in first class than coach on the flights requested and yes, I already called to get my name on the standby list. At any rate, I'll just be glad I don't get bumped, so I can't be too picky.. Big Grin
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My experience is that it depends entirely on the airline and, sometimes, on the reps working the desk that day.

Generally speaking, my understanding is that you are obligated to give what they take you as a standby. However, once you're okayed to fly as standby, I think you're then working under the same rules as everyone else.

As long as there are first class seats available, they'll generally let those on the upgrade standby list pay the extra cash and sit there. But if there are more people wanting to upgrade than they have available first class, most airlines have a priority pecking order: they'll start with their "preferred" customers, and go down from there until they get down to a who-asked-first basis. Depending on the airline (and I don't know about AA's policy), your standby ticket may or may not put you at the bottom of the pecking order for upgrades.

You could always try to call and find out (if you speak other languages fluently, that is.) Wink Otherwise, you're right to just be happy when you find yourself walking down the jetway! Get there early.
FC usually fills up last, if you pay a bit more I would think you could easily get a FC standby ticket. May put you ahead of the curve and prevent you from being bumped. Let me know what really happens.
Thanks e and Heub. I have already got my paid for ticket so I wonder if me already having a paid ticket if that puts me at any priority level over any other standby travelers. I plan on getting there as early as I can and see if I can pay a little more for a FC seat if there is any available. Like you said e, I guess it all depends on who is working the counter. Hopefully it will all work out. I have traveled quite a bit in the past but this is my first standby trip. It may turn into a vacation in itself before I get were I'm suppose to go. I will keep you all inform as I go.
I find that it helps if you have a smile on your face and a pleasant attitude when asking for an upgrade. I have always received one without any monetary difference. Good luck!

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