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They closed all theirs locations in Alabama and around 60 nation wide. Also strong rumor that steak & shake is building around hwy 72 in Colbert County. The question now is who is going to be the last one to turn the lights out in Florence.

This seems to be the HOT rumor of the day, about Steak & Shake opening a location in the new Publix shopping complex over off Woodward Avenue. Just where is this rumor coming from I wonder?   There have been many passing along  Steak & Shake rumors for a while now only it was to be over on the Florence side near the new WalMart where people were initially saying it would go.   I called Steak & Shake in Decatur and ask the manager who said that around three people a day, from the Shoals/Florence area seem to come in there asking him the same question.   His reply to them and me was that he didn't know of anything in the works but also stated that he wouldn't know until the company announced it looking for folks to hire.

I'd love to see a Steak & Shake but given the Shoals size I just doubt it's a substantial rumor or that there is any real possibility of them coming to this area. I will say, though, that locating a Steak & Shake, if one was to be here, over in Muscle Shoals verse Florence would be a much wiser decision as you do have a lot of truck traffic and through traveling along Hwy 20/72 and you have that new LOVE's truck plaza so of all the recent rumors about Steak & Shake I would tend to trust a Muscle Shoals location far above one stated for Florence.

So I'm curious, for those of you in the know or passing these rumors around ... Just where is this rumor coming from?  Is there really anyone that is in the know in the chain of these rumors that are coming out quite frequently about the Shoals location.   Next thing you know someone will be starting a new one about "Joe's Crab Shack", "Hooters", or "Cheddars"  which up to now are just as implausible as what I felt the Steak & Shake rumors were.   For me I'll believe it when I see it started.

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There still seems to be an over abundance of people that want to think that Steak & Shake is going to locate in the parking lot of the new Muscle Shoals Publix but I have yet to hear anyone that has got it confirmed and calls to the Decatur location still reveal nothing. 

I hope it's true but wish someone had something more tangible than they heard it from a good source.

It still gets mentioned when you ask someone about it, Steak & Shake opening a location in the area around the new Muscle Shoals Publix, but no one really seems to know for sure one way or the other.

Anyone with any new information?

any major store or restaurant,(fast food or ??), opening on the Colbert side of the river would be welcome! Big stores are like ants; they all want to cling together. Lowe's found this out after they closed. We need a Checkers, or Rally Burger place. A Denny's restaurant would be nice. There are a lot of things that would be great to see but What will come remains to be seen. A Menard's home center would give Lowe's some competition.


 I'm wonder why Checkers or Rallys has not consider adding a Shoals location but then they may be franchise only now.  Firehouse Subs would also be a welcome addition and their steamed subs are great.

As for me I'd rather have Steak& Shake if that was a possibility. 

Can't wait for Panera Bread to open in MSC. Sure the Broth Bowls combine exotic and delicious ingredients to create filling bowls full of Globalism flavors, all steeped in their flavorful broth & Froth. Almost exciting as 2 pant suit ladies shrieking  in excitement as they run for Pres. & Vice Pres.. Sorry, but don't seem too appetizing or value for me. 

Panera Bread does seem to like to go in with Publix stores. However, about a year or so a go someone who works at a Panera told me they didn't think Muscle Shoals was big enough for one. Perhaps things have changed now, but when Publix started work for its Florence store, Panera Bread rumors were already going around.

I wouldn't hold my breath about Steak & Shake.  I would love to see it but this has been the persistent rumor for years now.  Anytime there is a new development, there are always claims it is a steak and shake.

Firehouse Subs could be very likely.  Not sure where, but based on some things I learned, it's very possible the shoals area could be getting one in the near future.  

The wife and I love Firehouse subs and in fact were in Athens and ate at what is now the closest one, there near the Athens WalMart.  I specifically as their management if they knew of any rumors or plans to open a Firehouse Subs in the Florence area and they told me that there was plans for the next one to go either in Cullman, Alabama or Florence and they thought that Cullman won out due to it's location there by the Interstate at exit 310. 

As for Steak & Shake I still remain skeptical given the size of our town and how far it is off the Interstate and given Steak & Shake's got so many other locations near an interstate that don't have locations yet I think they would tend to spend their money elsewhere.  If however someone, wealthy enough, to secure a franchise was living here locally, then it's possible that they  might put a franchise store here but I don't see Steak & Shake locating a company store here as of now.

We made a trip to Decatur today and while there ate at Steak & Shake.  They have a really great deal which for $2.89 you can get a single steak burger, fry and drink.  While there I did ask, again, about the rumor that a Steak & Shake is going to be built in the Shoals area. 

This time the manager acknowledged that from what he had heard there is a person interested in putting a franchise location here.  So it does appear that the Shoals area will get a Steak & Shake franchise store rather than a company store. 

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