Steak & Shake - the Mystery

There was so much speculation and rumor around the time that Publix was being constructed that one of the out-parcels would be for a Steak & Shake.  There was ever talk at the Decatur Steak & Shake location that a Shoals area location was in the works but then came Publix and no Steak & Shake.

On Sunday, while visiting Publix, at the Muscle Shoals location, I saw the manager and just ask the question to him to which I was shocked at his answer.  

The question was ... Was there ever supposed to be a Steak & Shake built in the Shoals area?  

His Answer:  There was blueprints drawn ready and plans in place to build a Steak & Shake location on the out-parcel area in front of the Muscle Shoals Publix store but things just stopped and halted without any further notice.  No indication as to whether it was the franchisee backing out or the Company putting a halt to it or who was responsible for everything coming to a stop.

The Surprise was, at least to me, that there was actually plans to build and locate a Steak & Shake store here in the Shoals and it was as far along as it was.  I'm not surprised that the plans fell through but that there ever was a realistic chance that one would be built here under the current economic conditions of the area and given the number of restaurants that are here now. 

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Then also could be the sobering quarter million investment that Steak & Shake required from those who they awarded a franchise could have played a factor given that they may have surveyed the area and felt there was just not the demand here that would provide them repayment of their investment within a set given time.

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