Stoner's is back! Pizza that is.

When I think of Stoner's I think of a group of folks around a bong taking hits and barely realizing that the world is going on around them.  I don't think the same symbolism applies to Stoner's pizza.

Stoner's Pizza is back in the location where it was before and where Romeo's Pizza was for a short time.  The reason for Romeo's Pizza going out was that the owner died and although this Stoner's Pizza, which is open now, is not the same owner or manager as before, I was told it is the same recipes and ingredients as the previous Stoner's Pizza.   I haven't given it a try yet so can't comment on how good of a product they are selling but I will say they, unlike many or most of the other pizza places, use the old style pizza ovens and not the conveyor type oven.  To me, and maybe it's all in my head,  the old style ovens just make a better tasting product with a better crust.

For those who are wondering where it's located it's across the road from Walmart's grocery store that is on Florence Blvd and which is adjacent to Whitten's Shell station which is most likely the last full service station in the area. 

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MonkeysUncleByMarriage posted:

I am sure you know, as you give a lot of food reviews, but Ricatonis and Pie Factory both use stone pizza ovens I am pretty sure. 

Actually I did know Ricatonis did use the stone oven but didn't know Pie Factory did.  I thought Pie Factory used the old cast iron type, slide the pizza in, ovens to cook in like Stoner's is using. 

I also, remember affectionately, Pizza Marina's (River Road location) restaurant who was open for a while.  They had a really good pie but alas they ended up having some dispute over the building with the landlord and moved to a location just past the Killen Bridge, in Killen and from there didn't last that long afterwards. 

Although I didn't mention it I do very much like the stone ovens as well but you just don't find that many places using them.   There are some authentic type but I believe, for the most part, the conveyor ovens are mostly used today and (sadly) less and less of the old huge heavy cast iron type slide pizza in, ovens are not used, or so it seems.  Again though I have to admit that it could just all be in my head and I'm playing some head game on myself thinking that the conveyor ovens don't cook as good tasting a pizza. 

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