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New Tax laws

It's no surprise that most any of the liberal press finds a way to put a negative spin on the Republicans, and Donald Trump's new Income Tax laws making it appear to the poor and middle class that only the rich will benefit and prosper from the tax cuts.  The problem with this is that with so many companies and people issuing bonuses and making changes due to the coming tax cuts that the middle class are seeing immediate increases in their pay and benefits and the poor and unemployed are finding that there are many more jobs out there to the point that unemployment claims are at record lows and the liberal press is having great difficulty covering up the benefits.

One thing that does concern me, greatly, about these Tax Cuts is that if and when the pendulum swings in the opposite direction and Democrats get back into control then the cuts can revert back to the old tax laws only when things like this happen all the deductions that are and were removed remain removed and rates will once again rise back to their prohibitive and penalizing levels. Still  though the immediate benefits of the Republican's tax cuts are evident for those willing to look for and see them.  People are experiencing more money in their pay and seeing more pay and raises in their salary.  The media though is doing cartwheels and contorting itself in so many ways so as to keep from giving credit to Trump and the Republicans and from reporting the positives.  

They, the media, is still for the most part trying to paint a negative picture on the Tax Cuts in hopes that the great majority of their benefits will be delayed long enough so that they can convince the average voter, come the 2018 mid-terms to ignore the economy and elect Democrats and restore a Democrat majority to one or both houses of Congress.

If that happens, and Democrats retake control of Congress, then I predict you will see a full court press and concerted effort to credit the Democrats for everything that happens from that time on out even though it will still be the Republican tax cut program that is responsible.  It's like the 1990's all over again.  Liberals and the media have bent over backwards trying to credit Bill Clinton for balancing the budget and the prosperity of those days when all Clinton did was get out of the way of the Republicans and their 1996 Contract with America where they implemented the provisions of the Contract with America and the Economy reaped the benefits, along with Bill Clinton who the media and liberals were all too quick to say he was responsible ignoring what the Republicans and Newt Gingrich did.

Then, along with the September 11th Attacks, and following wars George Bush and Obama's administrations squandered the balanced budgets and set us on a course to unprecedented debt and spending. The media and liberals are all too quick to place blame on George Bush while ignoring Obama's contributions to the exploding debt which was greater than all previous Presidential administrations prior to his taken all together.  Now the same media and people are doing all they can to prohibit any positive news from seeping out if there is chance that Donald Trump will benefit or get credit.

It's really frustrating to see and know that we have so many people, both Democrats and yes some Republicans, that would actually rather see America go backwards and suffer if that's what it takes for Trump to suffer loss.  I honestly believe that there are a great number of people that would rather our nation fail or go into decline if that is what it would take to get Donald Trump removed.  Problem is that so much of what Trump is doing is proving to be beneficial to the economy and the Nation and they are having a very difficult time preventing it and reporting on it.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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