Take a knee and see what it gets you

Two men take a knee for two vastly different reasons.  One has his career limited and eliminated and the other is celebrated.  Tim Tebow took a knee before each game to pray while Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem.  While Kaepernick may not have an assignment today he at least has had a career in the NFL and has many today protesting and fighting to get him another position with a current NFL team at an outrageous, far too great, inflated salary.  

Tebow was drummed out of the NFL with lame excuses as teams couldn't adjust to his Quarterback style or that he could only run shotgun.  I always thought that he did pretty good and even got the Broncos to the playoffs before Elway made sure he never had a chance and signed Peyton Manning.  Tebow may not have been a starting Quarterback or maybe he could have been but I don't think he was ever really given the chance in the (political) NFL.  It's surprising that ESPN allows him to be hired on the SEC Network.  

I think Tim will do good at whatever he decides to do, including Baseball or Politics if he ever decides to get into that.  Frankly, I think politics is too dirty for Tebow but that's just my thought.  Tebow is a real class act where as Kaepernick just seems to be an act.


Two knees, two results, two separate athletes.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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